“Open but Closed, Public and Private” Separate Space

July 29, 20220

To realize the idea, a curved wavy 3D Breezeway block was taken and applied, creating a special experience for the interior of the workspace. So let’s explore with Q-Furniture the elements that make up their unique design.

Unique 3D Design

The designs with the breezeway block have long been no stranger to many people, because of the ancient tradition but also create many new and modern experiences. In addition, these concrete designs are very durable, bearing and heat are allowed, so more and more designs are interested in this issue. Therefore, Q-Furniture has been focusing on winding designs on large blocks with artistic concrete materials.

Unique 3D Design

The blocks are connected to each other by two curves in different directions to create interlacing, providing privacy but still helping employees communicate with each other easily, achieving high efficiency in a fun working atmosphere.

The Contrast Between Uniformity and Separateness

In Breeze’s famous book Blocks, large breezeway blocks are like the power of concrete curtains. These concrete pieces of furniture both function to create distance between employees in the office, while also taking advantage of openings to connect them with each other. The trend of these concrete designs is becoming more and more known and used, because of its advantages: both creating more communication between employees working together while increasing efficiency in productivity working capacity.

The Contrast Between Uniformity and Separateness

So create a happy working atmosphere at the office, so that employees are inspired and motivated in their daily work.

The Separation is Awash in Creativity

The separators are constructed of prefabricated quality concrete blocks, with a multitude of textures and curved 3D designs. This allows customers to experience many different viewing angles. With many different lighting angles with natural light, or even electric light in the office.

The Separation is Awash in Creativity

Each curved screen creates a change in the employee’s vision according to their movement. Thus greatly helping employees to communicate in the office naturally.

Concrete Material Suitable for Office Space

Q-Furniture manufactures concrete furniture with durability and strength both in material and design. These concrete blocks are suitable for office spaces because they create artistic value that helps to evoke emotions and ideas. If these windflower walls, Concrete Stool,  Side Table or Melbourne Side Table – White leaves you with many emotions and impressions, please contact us for more information on trending products.


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