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The Story Of Q-furniture

Q-furniture specializes in producing, trading and exporting Concrete Furniture Products. We aim to bring a minimalist, elegant style through products from main materials: concrete and terrazzo material. 

Being established in 2010, we experienced 11 years of formation and development.  Our company has affirmed trust with customers in 4 key markets: USA, England, Australia and Netherlands. By non-stop efforts, we are still on a journey to expand and conquer other markets in the world.

With a wealth of experience, highly skilled and passionate team members, we will make great progress with innovations and creation and become a leader in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting concrete furniture products.”

Innovative Process

We utilize a lean system with eco-friendly materials to optimize the manufacturing process, which assists in eliminating waste, enhancing flow, implementing standard work, and minimizing setup time.

Every aspect of the manufacturing process, including initial sketches, material selection, packaging design, and craftsman operations is tightly overseen. Therefore, we assure that no product is exported unless it meets our quality control criteria.

Q-Furniture's Team

Q-furniture’s 100 professional employees meet customer requirements and work with passion, high responsibility, and dedication. They deserve to learn and develop in this comfortable, well-organized, and well-paid working environment to make our mission and vision a reality.


01Long History

More than 11 years of specialization,2 factories, 50+ high-skill workers

02OEM/ODM Service

We are able to accept OEM/ODM service to fulfill all your requirements. Customized for your concrete design

03Competitive Prices

We produces and directly exports without intermediaries.

04High Quality Products

We oversee every aspect of production with hard quality control process.
Verified quality of concrete furniture of Q-furniture

Certificate Defines Q-Furniture's Quality

This certificate is valuable evidence proving that we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete furniture with constant improvement. It represents our commitment to being a trustworthy partner to customers.

Nguyễn Hữu Quang, Founder

Peter Kirkpatrick

Peter Kirkpatrick

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Peter Kirkpatrick

Amy Newthorn

Amy Newthorn

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Amy Newthorn

Clarence Wesley

Clarence Wesley

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Clarence Wesley

Bennett Harper

Bennett Harper

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Bennett Harper

Q-Furniture aims to build trust with customers

Concrete Furniture Brand Partners of Q-Furniture
Concrete Furniture Brand Partners of Q-Furniture
Concrete Furniture Brand Partners of Q-Furniture

What Q-Furniture Can OfferOpenings

When it comes to concrete, people might think of such a material as heavy, and bulky items. But with Q-Furniture's advanced technology, we design the most lightweight and delicate shape but still ensure the strong texture of the furniture.

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