Why Are Your Large Concrete Pots For Sale Crack? How To Fix It?

June 18, 20220

Using large concrete pots for sale is a great way to update your outdoor living space. No matter what your style, these concrete garden furniture for sale are classic, modern and high end. Although concrete pots are durable, they still can crack sometimes. In this article, Q-Furniture will help you find out the reason why your pot cracks and how to fix it.

3 reasons why your large concrete pots for sale keep cracking

Cracking is very normal in freshly poured concrete products so you don’t have to worry much about the cracks. The weather conditions also make concrete products crack. Here are 3 popular reasons your large concrete pots crack:

Concrete pots are too heavy

Are concrete planters heavy? Yeah, it helps them withstand several winds and bad conditions. But they should not be too heavy. Due to their weight, you will find it hard to move when needed. Thus, heavy pots can be dropped during transportation, which lead to few cracks in the surface. 

Thanks to the new unique blend, we can create durable lightweight pots like other materials. Different from traditional one, the new pot is easier to move around, reducing the risk you drop it (and this is dangerous with you too). 

Concrete pots are not made to withstand impact

As we know, large concrete pots for sale are made from cement, water, rock, etc. This is why it can be durable than other pots, made for indoor and outdoor uses. But not all concrete planters for sale are the same. 

Traditional concrete planters for sale can not withstand much impact at all. If only a little impact can break or crack the planter, it won’t be long before you buy a new one. Concrete planters should endure all kinds of impacts such as a hit, football, or even cars crashing into them. 

Concrete pots are not waterproof

Although large concrete pots for sale are made to hold water and stand outdoors, most of them are not waterproof. Concrete pots can not withstand water damage as many other planters. Rain, sprinkle systems and moisture in the air can create the potential for water damage.

3 Reason why your large concrete pots for sale keep cracking

How to fix crack?

Firstly, you need to transfer the content of the pots to a temporary container. It can take a little patience to make sure your plant is still good in other places. After that, use a brush to scrub the crack’s surface and remove loose concrete inside. 

Then, you apply a thick layer of mortar to seal the crack and use a putty knife to drive the mortar inside the crack. The cloth strips should be wrapped to hold the broken pieces together. After around 24 hours, you remove the strips and check the crack to make sure it is sealed back together. If not, you should repeat the steps with another layer mortar. 

Sealant will protect large concrete pots for sale, and keep them good looking. The last step is to apply concrete sealant to protect it from external elements ‘s damage effects.

How to fix crack?

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