Traditional Materials- Create A Distinctive Feature When Placing Handicraft Elements

July 28, 20220

The handicraft element is a symbol of each nation’s traditional culture. Products are not created through the process of mass production of machines but must go through many stages that require coordination between the craftsmen with traditional materials, thereby improving the responsibility between each person and also bringing with them the signed values. Each person’s memories, each period in their lives. They are created by the skilled hands and creativity of artisans, with each product bringing with it the characteristics of lifestyle and customs that create a distinctive feature when placed in an architectural space.  Handcrafted products carry the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and techniques.

Create A Distinctive Feature When Placing Handicraft Elements

Create a distinctive feature when placing handicraft elements 1.1

Today, when looking for environmentally friendly “green” materials, handmade materials are standard materials that can provide a unique, distinct beauty. natural fibers, fabrics, or leather; clay, stone, bone, glass; native wood or plants; paper; metal; and are exposed to traditional techniques such as carpentry, weaving, and ceramics. Unique processes almost never result in identical products. There are several ways to incorporate handcrafted elements into the interior architecture space, some of which are listed below:

Space Layout with traditional materials

By creating a set of arrays with the same theme – whether physical or cultural – you can make it stronger in the environment, create a focal point to become the main character, and create an atmosphere for space. You can create a bold antiquity space by combining concrete walls with products made from traditional materials.

Space layout

Lighting Equipment

Natural-element lighting fixtures that are handcrafted are becoming increasingly popular. Handcrafted natural-element lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly popular. On the other hand, using this lighting device on custom concrete tables, such as concrete tables or side tables, will result in very artistic spaces.

Lighting equipment

Because products are handmade, they are rarely identical to mass-produced goods. As a result, when they are combined, they create distinct characteristics for the space.

Lighting equipment 3.1

Contrasting Colors

When we think of handcrafted elements, we immediately think of earthy tones. As a result, contrasting colors can be one of the options for highlighting elements in a space and creating distinct feelings. Furthermore, when handmade products are combined with modern concrete furniture, color harmony is created.

Contrasting colors 7.2

The contrast of colors makes the space different and more prominent.


A work of art created by a craftsman is one-of-a-kind. The same quality uses human and rustic elements to bring human values into the architectural space; everyone has different personal values and lifestyles.


Handcrafted architectural elements frequently do not exploit the luxury of materials, but instead focus on material sensibility, using materials that are close to the surrounding environment. Design and build special value for space based on user personalization.


To design and build an ancient architectural space from traditional materials, you should combine them with concrete products to create the most wonderful space. And look no further than Q-Furniture for a plethora of high-quality and sophisticated concrete furniture.

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