Q-Furniture will be in the VIFA EXPO 2024

January 17, 2024

With hundreds of domestic and international export businesses, VIFA EXPO 2024 is about to return, building on the success of previous editions. This event is a crucial platform for networking, exchanging information, and conducting business in the furniture industry. Seizing this opportunity, Q-Furniture looks forward to showcasing the potential and strengths of our business through the displayed products at VIFA EXPO 2024.

1. VIFA EXPO 2024 – The International Furniture and Handicrafts Export Fair of Vietnam

1.1 Introduction to VIFA EXPO Fair

VIFA EXPO is an international exhibition in the area of furniture and interior decoration in Vietnam. The full name of this event is the “Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair.” The exhibition is held annually aiming at connecting businesses, furniture manufacturers, and partners in the interior decoration industry. VIFA EXPO 2024 is a pioneering fair in the series of the largest-scale Furniture Fairs in the region and Asia in 2014.

VIFA EXPO provides a crucial platform for businesses in the furniture industry to showcase products, promote brands, and explore business opportunities. The exhibition attracts the participation of numerous businesses, both domestic and international, providing opportunities for networking, exchange, and discussions on new trends in the furniture industry. It is also an opportunity for customers, designers, and those interested in furniture to access the latest design trends and unique products. VIFA EXPO often includes supplementary events such as seminars, forums, product introductions, and promotional programs.

The VIFA EXPO 2023 event demonstrated its reach and impact by attracting more than 18,000 visitors from 117 countries and territories, including China, the United States, Europe, Japan,…

The comeback of VIFA EXPO 2024 is expected to be even more explosive, with an exhibition area of 36,000m2, bringing together over 600 suppliers and manufacturers from domestic and international markets with more than 2,000 booths. The framework of VIFA EXPO 2024 will include seminars and discussions on sustainable development in the wood processing industry, emphasizing stable development.

With the growth of the furniture industry in Vietnam, VIFA EXPO plays a crucial role in promoting cooperation, development, and enhancing the quality of products in this industry, making Vietnam an important destination in the international trade community in the field of furniture.

1.2 Time, Venue

The fair takes place from February 26, 2024, to February 29, 2024

Opening hours: 08:30 – 17:00

Venue: SKY EXPO Center, QTSC, Ho Chi Minh City

2. Q-Furniture will join in VIFA EXPO 2024

Q-Furniture takes pride in offering customers quality designs and products for indoor and outdoor furniture spaces, providing an excellent product experience with optimal solutions. 

With over 15 years of experience, modern machinery technology, and an innovative R&D team, we promise to bring the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs, optimizing both aesthetics and practicality for living and working spaces. 

All products are 100% quality assured, pre-inspected before packaging, and come with a warranty period of up to 12 months. The factory is certified for quality and environmental standards by SGS, demonstrating that Q-Furniture is a reliable partner.

With the vision of becoming a leading company in the production, supply, and export of concrete furniture, Q-Furniture focuses on selecting environmentally friendly materials, optimizing processes, eliminating waste in production, and reducing construction time.

In addition to a range of available products, Q-Furniture offers custom services for each design, providing distinctive features and high personalization while still harmonizing with the overall architecture.

Visit Q-Furniture’s booth to experience our outstanding products and learn more about our furniture projects. Q-Furniture is honored to welcome visitors to Hall A, Booth B23.

3. Wonderful benefits for attendees of the VIFA EXPO

VIFA EXPO 2024 and Q-Furniture warmly welcome the presence of individuals and businesses to visit the fair. By attending VIFA EXPO 2024, visitors can gain many valuable insights for both work and life.

3.1 Explore New Trends

The exhibition is a place to introduce new trends and designs in the furniture industry. Visitors can access and explore innovative ideas, helping them stay updated on market trends. Professional and freelance interior designers can participate in the exhibition to update trends, find suppliers, and gain inspiration for design projects.

3.2 Products Exhibition

Participating in the exhibition allows visitors to see and compare products from various suppliers. This helps them comprehensively view the available product diversity and find options that suit their needs and personal preferences.

3.3 Information about Brands and Businesses

The exhibition is a chance for visitors to learn about brands and businesses in the furniture industry. They can evaluate the quality of products, design styles, and the reliability of suppliers, aiding them in making informed shopping decisions. Retailers or furniture distributors may be interested in finding new products to add to their stores and expand their product portfolios. They can come to seek suitable suppliers and manufacturers.

3.4 Workshops and Supporting Events

Exhibitions often come with supporting events such as workshops, forums, and product introductions. Visitors can participate in these events to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends, share opinions, and exchange experiences with the community. Journalists working in the furniture industry can join to report on the event, review products, and learn about new trends through workshops and discussions.

3.5 Networking Connections

Through meetings and interactions with representatives of businesses and suppliers, visitors can build networking connections in the furniture industry. Commercial representatives, exporters, and importers often participate to establish international trade relationships and seek collaboration opportunities, expanding professional relationships.

3.6 Offers and Promotions

Many businesses organize promotional programs, discounts, or special gifts for exhibition visitors, which increases the value of attending the event and encourages visitors to make smart shopping decisions. Those interested in furniture for their homes may join to explore new trends, compare products, and have the opportunity to shop at discounted prices.

In summary, participating in VIFA EXPO offers more than just an opportunity to shop and explore new products; it provides a unique experience to enhance knowledge and expand relationships in the furniture industry.”