Concrete Outdoor Dining Table: Round vs Rectangular

January 20, 20220

Whether you are a decor enthusiast or you simply prefer the beauty in nature outdoors to man-made space. A warming gathering around a concrete outdoor dining table may come to your mind once. This thought could lead to consideration about what shape the table should have. From a point of view of a concrete furniture expert, Q-Furniture Vietnam provides a detailed guideline of how to find a concrete table that suits your garden. This time, we narrow down to 2 options only: the round concrete dining table and the rectangular one.

Outdoor dining with your family and friends is a wonderful opportunity for a chilly social activity. Especially in such a COVID pandemic context, after self-isolating, we usually crave a wide-open space with trees and fresh air. Naturally, the concrete outdoor dining table has emerged as an old-but-gold trend. The cemented material makes the table itself pair well with the green tone coming from the background. Although concrete-based furniture can indeed have a variety of colors due to the recent dyeing technology. Its color mostly is in a neutral shade (beige, gray, or white) therefore, mix-matching with the fresh palette of green.

1. Psychology In Shape – Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

concrete outdoor dining table round or rectangular q-furniture

In terms of psychological perspective, any shape design could trigger certain emotions and feelings. For instance, the symmetric, block-like shape of a rectangular dining table usually symbolizes reliability, stability, and trust. With its straight lines forming the 4 sharp edges of the table, the figure also brings out the strength and the aesthetics of dominance, and at the same time, provokes a sense of responsibility.

concrete outdoor dining table round or rectangular q furniture

However, a traditional rectangular table shape is a less bold and less daring choice than a round-design concrete table. The curve of it can balance out the robust texture of the material, displaying a softer look for outdoor space. Circles, in general, represent opposite energy compared to the rectangular one, which is feminine, unity, and harmonious. In addition, the round concrete table could easily attract attention from viewers because of its elegant beauty and modernity.

2. Which Space Is More Important?

Round dining tables, with their angular edges that appear to have been shaved off, may make a space feel more expansive. Also, because our eyes are naturally drawn to oval items, it helps us focus less on the distractions around us. However, when it comes to the actual space, the rectangular design would provide more of it, enhancing the comfortable experience during the dining.

3. Taking Social Factors Into Accounts

If you plan to eat together, you will typically find conversations and interactions will be the main points of dining together. Therefore, considering the impact of the concrete table on how people interact and their relationships is a crucial part when deciding on one. While the round top promotes intimacy and is more suitable for a get-together occasion. The rectangular design might emphasize the hierarchy since it focuses on the 2 most powerful people joining the meal. So when concerning the purpose of the meeting, it’s will easier to make the final decision.

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