Concrete Garden Furniture For Sale – The 2 Best-Seller Items

March 2, 20220

It’s time to turn your business goal into a legacy. By utilizing our 11 years of experience and top-notch technologies. We introduce the export standard quality round concrete dining table and round coffee table sets at fair prices. Looking for more concrete garden furniture for sale? We all have in our product categories!

Concrete is the most classic and versatile of the patio furniture materials available. However, people usually view it as an element for construction until recent years. Now concrete furniture pieces are the most common items in interior designs and definitely cannot be excluded from outdoor decoration. As cemented products possess outstanding attributes, for example, durability, waterproof, and UV resistance. They are the most appropriate choices for patio design, withstanding any type of extreme weather like storms or downpours.

Concrete Garden Furniture For Sale – The Two Most Requested Items

The round concrete dining table

concrete garden furniture for sale the 2 best seller items

This product line is a complete cemented option, emphasizing the most authentic characteristics of the concrete table collection. Circles, in general, indicate opposing energy to the rectangular one, which represents femininity, unity, and harmony. Therefore, the curving of the table may balance out the material’s tough texture, showing a gentler touch for outdoor areas.

In addition, the table’s rustic design may make it stand out best in a green landscape with grass, plant pots, and trees. The color’s freshness and relaxing effect might help to soften the gray tint, making the outdoor environment more aesthetically attractive.

Round coffee table sets

concrete garden furniture for sale the 2 best seller items

This concrete round table set includes a coffee table and a side table. In order to provide the ultimate unique look, we create the ombre dark blue color by the dyeing technology. Although we’ve already added the finish layer throughout the table body, they still have the raw aesthetic which is a signature of the concrete material.

Moreover, as most businesses need a significant number of products in a short period of time. We apply an automated assembly system for mass production, meeting the requirement of our clients. Our artisans will also play a crucial role in the final manufacturing process, putting the finishing touch to be more specific. As a result, the surface may have minor folds, marks, and holes that add to the natural charm of the material.

Concrete Garden Furniture For Sale At Q-Furniture

Most of the brand we work with has been growing their brand recognition. This leads to an extremely large number of orders from clients in a short period, and their personnel and production process were unable to satisfy such demands.

Finding a reliable business partner was not an easy task since such manufacturers have to meet the brand’s requirements: outstanding quality and at the same time, fair prices. Understanding this, we have found ways and produce the most exceptional concrete furniture pieces, creating long-term relationships with more than 10 brands and sourcing firms.

Who are we?


Our concrete furniture has been approved by SGS – the world’s largest testing, inspection, and certification firm. Going through investigation, including frost resistance, temperature shock, water leaking, and many testing stages. We proudly guarantee the exceptional quality of final products.


Being located in Vietnam – the fifth-largest furniture exporter in the world with low-cost labor, low tariff rate, stable political situation, we take advantage of such favorable opportunities, ensuring to offer fair prices.



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