Tips When Buying Concrete Planters – Concrete Planter For Sale

May 5, 20220

Most customers choose to grow plants in pots because of convenience, aesthetics, and ornamental plants are well protected to avoid bad effects from the outside. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right pot for growing plants and ensure the aesthetics. The article on tips for choosing concrete planters (concrete planter for sale) from Q-Furniture will help you understand the basics and quickly find the right potted plants.

Tips for choosing concrete planter concrete planter for sale

The color between the concrete planter and the tree


The color of the pot is very important, it determines the aesthetics of the entire pot, helping to highlight the leaf color, flower color and shape of the plant in the pot.

It is important to note the enamel color of the ornamental pot, avoid choosing a pot with the same color as the leaves and flowers. Usually, if the flowers are white or yellow, the pot should be purple, brown or sky blue.

For plants with red, purple, pink flowers, etc., should choose white, yellow or turquoise pots. In addition, depending on the intention of the player, the color of the pot will also be different. It is best to follow the principle of hot and cold color scheme, contrast and similar colors.

Choose the right pot for the purpose of the tree

With bonsai, you should choose a pot with a large but shallow area so that the tree has an environment to develop branches and roots. When the tree is strong and healthy, it can be given an arbitrary size pot, ensuring aesthetics.

For vines, flowers with low canopy spreading, drooping flowers or having many seedlings growing from the mother plant’s trunk; Hanging pots are the most suitable option.

Material and size of the pot


Each material has its own characteristics: plastic deteriorates in the sun, and in the summer (especially in the tropics) if exposed to full sun, the plastic container can heat up. the plants in them.

You may think that the best option is to grow in porcelain pots, but they are very heavy and expensive and you cannot consider if you do not have a balcony or concrete roof. Clay, wooden, metal or concrete planter pots can be an option.

Also, look at the size and design of the pot that will fit your space. You can choose a small concrete planter to combine decoration with a concrete table or round concrete coffee table to create a relaxing space at home.

Soil quality

For a healthy growth of plants, soil is key. Provide your plants with quality soil so they get all the nutrients they need for growth, flowering and fruiting. It is better to buy a potting soil but if you find that too expensive in terms of money, indoor plants are also fine, add a lot of organic or inorganic fertilizer supplements to it to improve soil quality.


Most container plants need at least about 5 hours of sun daily, and they may require daily watering – as the soil dries quickly in the sun.

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