Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Bringing Top Standards

April 7, 20220

Nowadays, everyone to choose graphics users that can be used for a long time. Their particular interest is in the quality and extent of many products rather than in price. Similar to furniture, Q-Furniture sees that now users are very fond of furniture made of Concrete Furniture Vietnam. So why is concrete furniture so popular?

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Bringing Top Standards

Concrete tape furniture not only brings durability, stability and longevity to the interior of your own home. Besides, it also brings aesthetic beauty to the house. Today, cement interior decorations are designed with many unique and novel designs. You can use a concrete table or concrete garden furniture to sit on the slopes, chat with relatives and friends.
What’s more, their durability will definitely not let you down and spend more money buying other interior decorations. This helps you save quite a bit on home decoration costs.

Various designs

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Bringing Top Standards

Most people think that concrete is something very heavy or concrete slabs that we walk on but not the material to create modern, elegant and sophisticated furniture in the house. own or in restaurants, hotels… . However, nowadays, concrete furniture Vietnam has been used by many people such as concrete table, concrete garden furniture and so on.
With the trend of using Concrete Furniture Vietnam as a new interior construction material, many interior designers and artists have abandoned wood and other traditional materials to bring unique style trends.

Cheap – Concrete Furniture Vietnam

It is a fact that the interior of grinding concrete, decorative concrete, concrete art made from cement will be cheaper than equivalent furniture made from other materials. In addition, the life of furniture and items will be longer, more durable, less damaged.

Environmental friendliness

Due to the fact that it is made of cement, stone powder and natural aggregates, concrete furniture will be more environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans.

Has high durability – Concrete Furniture Vietnam

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Bringing Top Standards

Concrete furniture can be shaped to any shape, with a variety of patterns, textures, colors, and a variety of expressions. Concrete is arguably one of the most versatile materials for furniture, exterior and design in general, with a combination of strength, stiffness and comfort in form. The polished concrete interior is cast in concrete with fiberglass reinforcement, along with colorful aggregates. Then machined and polished by hand or machine, in a variety of modern, simple finishes. Simple, fun or full of art.

Anti-crack, waterproof

Concrete furniture products in the manufacturing process are treated with hardener chemicals, making the concrete surface harder, denser, stronger, and enhancing the internal structure of objects. In addition, it is also covered with a chemical layer to protect the surface, to help prevent water, chemicals from soiling the surface.

Beautiful aesthetic

There is a wide range of aggregates that can be used in ground concrete interiors, creating impressively unique surfaces, and enhancing aesthetic and artistic qualities, as well as making them lighter and soundproof. Grinded concrete gives furniture a more natural appearance than other materials, especially when the sanded aggregates are exposed or left rough. Addtionally, the feeling of a concrete interior will be warmer than that of other materials such as steel, glass, iron, etc.

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