Round Coffee Table Sets – Make The Space Stand Out

June 15, 20220

The round coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture. It also decorates your home space to become more luxurious and minimalist. It always creates a feeling of belonging and closeness to family members. Let Q-Furniture and Concrete Furniture Vietnam show you some of the benefits of using round coffee table sets for your home!

Why Should Customers Use Round Coffee Table Sets?

  • Space saving, space optimization: Round coffee table sets have the advantage of saving more space than other shaped tables. With this design, customers can easily adjust in any space whether large or narrow. Because it is very space-saving and easy to move.
  • Concrete material but very light weight: 100% of Q-Furniture’s products are made of concrete – Concrete Furniture Vietnam. When it comes to concrete, people often think it will be very heavy and difficult to move. But with the advancement of technology, Q-Furniture’s Concrete Furniture Vietnam always minimizes weight, so it won’t be too heavy if it needs to be moved. With extremely light weight, it will be easy to move and has much higher durability than other materials. The factory is available in Vietnam and the US. So you can visit to get a better overview of Q-Furniture’s Concrete Furniture Vietnam.

round coffee table sets

  • Bringing luxury, comfort and modern beauty: Round concrete coffee tables always feel luxurious and modern. With an extremely simple design, the experience that a round concrete coffee table brings to customers is as convenient and elegant as its attributes. In your space the Concrete Round Coffee Table is the soul. It’s very handy because you can put it wherever you want. Because of their design, they don’t make it too cramped or take up a lot of space.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Round Concrete Coffee Table For Your Space?

  • Safe design: Round coffee table sets have a safe design for the elderly and children. The rounded design, without sharp edges and corners, will not hurt when hitting. Covered with durable Terrazzo sealed for maximum weather resistance. This Concrete Coffee table will add a fresh look to any room. This coffee table features a light oak support frame and a white finish. Hand finishing and natural highs and lows make each piece unique.
  • Safe materials: Although the Round Concrete Coffee Table is made from concrete, when finished the rough part is always covered with a smooth and smooth layer. So the product is always safe for health without harmful substances or deformed during use.

round concrete coffee table

  • Easy to clean and durable to use: Round coffee table sets are always smooth and smooth, so it is easy to clean the product, there will be no scratches when used for a long time. Concrete Furniture Vietnam is the current trend of many countries around the world, so Q-Furniture’s products will not be outdated and the materials will last for a long time.These are the advantages and benefits of using Q-Furniture’s concrete furniture products. With more than 11 years of experience in the market, Q-Furniture is very confident with its products. Especially the round coffee table sets. It will be the new trend of many countries in the future.

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