Where Is Hillsdale Furniture Manufactured?

November 1, 2022

You may be an interior enthusiast, and have a lot of knowledge in the field of furniture. But when it comes to Hillsdale furniture, perhaps a lot of people are still questioning this brand. Specifically, What is Hillsdale Furniture? Where Is Hillsdale Furniture Manufactured and many more questions? This article will analyze Hillsdale furniture.

Twenty years in the furniture business!

As one of the leading national authorities on home furniture products. From its inception to the present, Hillsdale’s designers and manufacturing plants are globally recognized for their quality and design to suit any home style. Choice, lasting value, and customer service are factors that keep Hillsdale at the top of consumers’ shopping lists.

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For more than 20 years in this field, Hillsdale has always been committed to bringing diverse, beautiful products at a reasonable price. Commitment to quality coupled with enthusiasm and dedication to the profession, Q-Furniture thinks this is the reason why Hillsdale leads in the home furniture industry.

Where Is Hillsdale Furniture Manufactured? Find a Hillsdale Store Near You.

Questions around the topic of Where Is Liberty Furniture Manufactured? and where is Hillsdale furniture manufactured often appear and are mentioned by many people. And the answer to these questions is that Hillsdale Furniture was established in 1994, headquartered in Louisville, Ky. As a supplier of furniture products to commercial customers. The company specializes in the production of furniture for bedrooms, stools, and bars. Along with a wide range of products including bookcases, stands, tables, and mirrors in many different designs and styles.

Some of the authorized dealers for Hillsdale products include Allure Furniture, Net shops, Home Decorators, and Cymax Solutions.

Where Is Hillsdale Furniture Manufactured And A Lifestyle Approach To Furniture 10

Disclosure under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

By maintaining certain human rights for all workers. Hillsdale Furniture LLC is committed to working with suppliers and manufacturers to provide ethical working conditions for its workers. Hillsdale Furniture LLC will not continue to work with any company that does not adhere to those standards.

These statements and commitments by Hillsdale Furniture LLC are made to protect and combat human trafficking and slave labor in the California supply chain, subject to a California supply chain transparency law in 2010.

Supply Chain Verification to Prevent Human Trafficking and Slave Labor:

Products at Hillsdale Furniture LLC come from partners around the world, including suppliers and manufacturers in the United States and other countries. Before coming to cooperation, our side will require suppliers and manufacturers to confirm in writing that they will never engage in human trafficking or work as slaves in the industry. his job. Our company will let some independent inspectors visit the business and production activities of our partners and be careful with any signs of human trafficking and slavery appearing there if must promptly sell the report immediately to our company.

Supplier Audits to Prevent Trafficking and Slavery in Supply Chains

We will not conduct our audits at Hillsdale, but sometimes these assessments are performed by third parties and at the request of Hillsdale retail customers. After receiving inspection requests from customers, Hillsdale will send inspectors to inspect shipments and visit suppliers’ manufacturing plants around the world. Inspectors dispatched by the company have been instructed and assured to be aware of the signs of human trafficking and slavery and are required by the company to report all problems. problems or violations they immediately observe for the company.

Vendor certification that materials used in their products comply with anti-slavery and human trafficking laws:

Before becoming a Hillsdale supplier, these companies should obtain written assurance that they will not engage in slavery and human trafficking and comply with all applicable laws. These commitments will be approved by the exporting country and the country of production of child and involuntary labor goods. Hillsdale will record and maintain these engagement records.

Internal Accountability Procedures and Standards:

Hillsdale’s suppliers are responsible for their actions in compliance with company standards, including prohibitions on the forced labor of any kind. Hillsdale suppliers will be required to self-correct and resolve problems if found to have engaged in human trafficking, otherwise, they will be terminated and no longer be Hillsdale’s suppliers.

Human Trafficking and Slavery Education:

In terms of education, Hillsdale has never previously provided any training related to human trafficking and slavery to Hillsdale employees, manufacturers, or suppliers.

We design furniture with you in mind, using a lifestyle approach.

Hillsdale has always been aware that a home is a great, special and precious asset to each person. The furniture you buy reflects your lifestyle and preferences. Hillsdale products cover a full range of traditional, contemporary, and transitional themes giving the furniture a fresh, eclectic, and even creative look in a classic style. Not all spaces are the same size or style, but Hillsdale is confident they will accommodate all of those differences, contributing to the finishing touch of your space. To do so Hillsdale considers the quality and long-term value to be paramount and invests heavily in them.

We design furniture with you in mind, using a lifestyle approach.

Hillsdale has always traveled the world looking for inspiration for their interior designs, but they find their true and best inspiration is not far away but their customers. Hillsdale has always relied on the wishes, preferences, styles, and ideas of customers to design products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hillsdale Furniture’s return to Louisville is fueled by growth.

Hillsdale is headquartered in Louisville and has been operating in Bullitt Country since 2008. A combination of acquisitions and organic growth spurred the need to form a larger production depot in Louisville. Mr. Brill, director of the Hillsdale company, leased 460,000 square feet at the South Renaissance Business Park, located near Louisville International Airport, as a production warehouse for the company. He also said he would send 60 of the 137 people from Bullitt Country to Louisville to work.

Here’s everything we learned about Hillsdale. To know more about the company’s activities and products, you can visit the Hillsdale Furniture home page system.

Top 3 furniture manufacturers 

We already know the top 15 furniture manufacturers in the US in 2022 and don’t know if those leading furniture companies in the US are in the top 3 of the top furniture brands. To know this, let’s take a look at the top 3 manufacturers right now.


With over 11 years of experience in the field of concrete furniture production, Q-Furniture is a leading furniture company with commitments from product quality to design. The products are completely made from solid concrete, ensuring sustainability from the inside of the product. The products at Q-Furniture are also extremely diverse, including a collection of concrete tables, Concrete Dining Table Melbourne – Illustrate For Cozy Meal and concrete sinks.


Since 2010 until now, Q-Furniture has always been recognized by customers around the world for its low prices, high quality, and extremely diverse products. And to adapt to the development of the current furniture industry, Q-Furniture has always innovated and launched many other quality products, typically a combination of materials from wood and concrete. cardboard to create a completely new product.


Founded in 1943 in Sweden, IKEA is the most famous furniture and home appliance retailer in the world today. The company has grown extremely rapidly since its inception. The brand is loved for offering Scandinavian-style products. Most of the furniture at IKEA comes in flat packs, which consumers can assemble themselves after buying them at home. The main brand is one of the leading names in the assembled furniture market (RTA).


Currently, IKEA is leading of the top 10 leading manufacturers of home appliances in the world. The brand’s portfolio includes beds, flooring, outdoor furniture, decorative materials, mirrors, lighting, kitchen cabinets, appliances, and wardrobes. The company specializes in selling products through online stores, but still owns a system of 445 brick-and-mortar stores in 51 countries. The source of brand’s products comes from 1000 different suppliers in all countries.

Ashley Furniture

The Ashley Furniture brand is one of the world’s leading furniture companies. The company specializes in the distribution and retail of household and housing products based in the United States. The company also has several other subsidiaries, including Ashley Global Retail, which will mainly focus on marketing, distribution, and sales via e-commerce. Also on this list is Ashley Home Store, ltd, one of its key subsidiaries, which manages all things like the supply and distribution of products from the manufacturing parent company. This is a brand that ranks as the top furniture store chain in the US in 2019. When combining sales of other subsidiaries and the parent company, Ashley Furniture has enrolled in one of the interior companies. the largest loss in the world.

Ashley Furniture