Where Does McGee And Co Source Their Furniture? Interior designer’s favorite home decor store In 2022

December 4, 2022

McGee & Co. is an interior brand created by Studio McGee. Their mission is to curate and design products that create beautiful spaces for their clients. So the question here is where does McGee and Co source their furniture? This article will find it out.

Where Does Studio Mcgee And Co Source Their Furniture Products?

If you are a person who loves a space design that is bohemian and gives you an elevated and classic, but also modern and natural feeling, the work of  Mcgee and Co may satisfy you. But have you ever wondered, where does Studio McGee and Co get their furniture

Sourcing furniture from a variety of sources is the answer to this question. McGee furniture has a range of names of furniture vendors that are the best choices, such as Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie. Moreover, they also enjoy shopping at local antique stores and flea markets to collect one-of-a-kind items. These things enable them to create spaces that are unique or customized to the preferences and needs of their customers.


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So, clear up the query: where does Studio McGee get their furniture, there is no single source for all of the products. It is thanks to the profession combining several elements to create a look that is both unique and attractive.

Does Mcgee And Co Make Their Own Furniture?

The answer is no. McGee and Co. is a decorating and design company, and they don’t make their own. As mentioned before, they collect items from various sources and then mix and match them to create unique products and unique  for their clients. It can be said that the person who makes McGee and Co. furniture is really talented and tasteful.

How To Decorate Like Studio Mcgee?

Utilizing natural materials is key to McGee Furniture design. Seagrass baskets, jute rugs, and wooden benches are the main elements of this design, which results in a bright and airy room that may feel both traditional and modern at the same time.

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered to help you design your McGee-style home:

  • Use Light And Neutral Colours

Light colors are preferred in the Studio McGee aesthetic, with browns, blues, greys, greens, and other earth tones being particularly popular. These hues open up and enlarge the space in your room.

Dark colors aren’t completely off-limits, either. To create a statement and provide some contrast, a splash of black or dark green can be fantastic. But make an effort to keep everything earthy and natural.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to brighten up your paint colors by adding some white!

  • Wood Is Good

When used in a McGee Furniture decorating project, natural materials look fantastic. Any room in your house can benefit from the warmth that wood can bring.

Finding the right balance between the various shades and tones is important when mixing wood tones, which is popular in the McGee Furniture style.
If you have time, try Installing board and batten or shiplap walls. It looks really great.


  • Add Some Gorgeous Artwork

A simple and affordable way to make your home McGee Furniture vibe is through artwork.

Classical and contemporary art are both great. For the greatest impact, keep the colors simple and choose frames made of natural materials such as blonde wood. Soft abstracts and old landscapes are also viable options.

For the best effect, Studio McGee recommends hanging images together so they don’t appear unconnected.

What is Studio Mcgee Style Called?

Focusing on classic, modern, and rustic design, what is Studio McGee style called?  

Their style could be described as “transitional.” This can be understood that it mixes and matches items from both traditional and modern design approaches to create something fresh. However, Studio McGee distinguishes itself from other transitional styles with a number of distinctive features.

Simplicity and functionality are emphasized without compromising on aesthetics or comfort. Every item in a room is carefully chosen and has a specific purpose.

How Much Does Studio Mcgee Make a Year?

McGee Furniture is a well-known designer in the industry who has worked for clients who are celebrities, so it seems impossible to investigate how much they make in a year.

Although exact figures cannot be obtained, we can estimate them based on publicly available sources of information. Assuming the projects are successful, they receive a commission (usually between 20% – 35%), resulting in an annual income of about $ 2 million from design. In addition, there is other income from blogs, product lines, and other ventures,…

It can be said that Studio McGee is performing very well based on their ability. That shows in the financial aspect.

Studio Mcgee Shop Furniture

If you are looking for furniture with a simple but unique design, McGee is a perfect choice.

Every design at McGee is carefully thought out, which makes them very special, and very practical. Everything you need to make your home look gorgeous is all here. And best of all, the prices are also very affordable.

So, there is no reason to wait any longer. Let’s quickly visit McGee Furniture and go s