Where Do Interior Designers Source Furniture In 2022?

December 2, 2022

Where do interior designers source furniture?” or “where do interior designers buy furniture?” is the two most common questions that arise among house owners if they cannot hire an interior designer. However, this is a “professional secrecy” and well-kept secret leading to the success of interior designers. Thus, Q Furniture would provide you with some favorable interior design furnishings sources through this document.

Where Do Interior Designers Source Furniture?

According to Q-Furniture research, there are many places for purchasing furniture. Here is some information about interior design furniture sources that has been concluded by Q Furniture:

1. Furniture For Prints, Wallpaper & Fabrics

Designers Guild:

Many people are curious about how to source vintage furniture. Thus, Designers Guild has a collection of texture designs with ​​a variety of colors and patterns. These kinds of furniture are suitable for those who are detail-oriented and enjoy unique designs. Designer Guild provides you with collections from homeware, wallpaper, and fabrics to cushions,…

Osbourne & Little:

One of the best stores for interior design is Osbourne & Little. This brand offers you many designs from renowned designers including Nina Campbell, and Matthew Williamson,… Therefore, if you are finding a place to purchase trimmings, wallcoverings, and other home furniture, Osbourne & Little would be a good option.

Furniture For Prints, Wallpaper & Fabrics

Andrew Martin:

Another interior designer store is Andrew Martin. This luxury home decor brings you distinctive designs with a variety of choices for sofas, lighting, wallpaper, and fabrics,…

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2. For Art & Decoration

  • L&E Designs:

This is an engraving and embroidery company founded by a young couple in Shrewsbury. This business provides you with engraving products from paper, card, engraving, laminate, or acrylic and personalized service including text, images,…

  • Trowbridge:

If you enjoy simple but luxurious designs with unique paintings, Trowbridge would not be a bad choice. This brand offers numerous categories such as handmade, abstract artworks, B&W photography,…

  • Fenella Elms:

Fenella Elms is one of the renowned furniture stores with interior designers. It is internationally famous for its sophistication and elegance in designs. Its exhibitions have been held in many locations including New York, Chicago, and London, which allows customers to enjoy their products directly.

For Art & Decoration

  • Quintessa:

Another renowned furniture supplier for interior designers is Quintessa. Especially, Quintessa provides customers with an ordering service, which allows them to own artwork of their interests.

3. For Furniture Makers

  • The Design Net:

One of the best furniture stores for interior designers in the UK is The Design Net. This brand is not only a furniture manufacturer but also an intermediary between customers and luxurious designer brands. This would help customers have more available options for their home decoration.

  • Langstaff Ellis:

Regarding Langstaff Ellis, this brand is well-known for its furniture and interior design, especially furniture for kitchens. Artistic creativity and high-quality products are major characteristics in the design of Langstaff Ellis.

For Furniture Makers

  • Shutter Shop:

If you are a guy who is interested in modern simplicity and minimalism, Shutter Shop will be a place worth visiting. Coming to this store, you will be offered enough furniture for your living room, bedroom, and kitchen,…

  • The Sofa & Chair Company:

The Sofa & Chair Company is one of the popular furniture stores that offer interior design in the UK. It specifies all types of sofas and chairs with modern and sophisticated designs. Besides sofas, this brand also provides you with a variety of mirrors, sculptures, home gyms, and home accessories.

4. For Lighting Designers

  • Orange Lighting:

Orange Lighting is a famous interior shop in terms of lighting designs. It offers various types of decorating light systems with different colors and roles.

  • Porta Romana:

Most lighting products of Porta Romana tend to have modern looks with monochrome colors. This brand is also renowned for collaborating with craftspeople to create the most detailed and exact products for customers. This is one of the factors leading to the popularity of this interior company.

  • Vaughans:

Vaughans is considered one of the illustrious lighting manufacturers and furniture suppliers for interior designers all over the world. With the scope to provide abundant designs of furniture to local and international communities, this brand always tries to closely work with the brand’ stakeholders including designers, architects, and private customers for delivering better work.

Heathfield & Co:

Heathfield & Co provides clients with both classical styles and modern designs of furniture, especially decorative lighting. Especially, this company also annually introduces seasonal collections, which give customers more suitable choices for their homes.

5. For Tiles & Flooring

  • Porcelanosa:

A fantastic Spanish company, which is Porcelanosa, produces porcelain, ceramic tiles, wood parquet, and items made of natural stone. Especially, Porcelanosa provides advisory services with specialists for customers who have their own ideas of decoration and desire to generate them into real products.

  • Bernard Arnull:

Seamless porcelain, mosaic, ceramic, and stone tiles are available at Bernard Arnull with a variety of modern and classic designs. This firm produces excellent renditions of natural wood, similar to Porcelanosa.

  • Studio Ted Todd:

A furniture store with various flooring designs made of wood. This kind of design is suitable for those who love the classical or traditional style but are still modern.

  • Domus Group:

The Domus Group is famous for exceptional tile, stone, wood, and engineered flooring materials that are creative, design-driven, and technically sound.

How Do Interior Designers Really Shop For Furniture And Decor?

1. Big Box Stores

  • Target: Target is recommended by so many designers for furniture from kitchenware to decor to down comforters. Many designers also purchase goods in Target for high-end projects, despite the store’s reputation for offering reasonable costs.
  • Ikea: according to Deirdre Doherty of Deirdre Doherty Interiors, Ikea might be a terrific location to shop for those who prefer economical items. Ikea sells furniture from bathroom accessories to wall mirrors. Also, there is a service for adding bespoke legs to its regular sofas to give them a more upscale appearance in Ikea.
  • HomeGoods: This is another store that is worth visiting. However, the products can be different in different store branches despite on the same day. Therefore, there is a suggestion that customers should keep track of the delivery schedule of the favorable items and they should come to the store the next morning.
  • Pesco: This is known as one of the unique stores with unexpectedly wonderful furniture. Especially, this place is famous for pet furniture including pet beds or lights for snake tanks,…

2. Department Stores

If luxurious home departments of many high-end furniture retailers are known as common places for designers, they still do not ignore less expensive furniture brands. Kate Clarke of Homes Reimagined enjoys purchasing bedding at Macy’s. Home Hotel Collection was recommended by Doherty for gorgeous sheets with a variety of thread counts and affordable prices.

3. Look Locally

If you are the kind of person who prefers uniqueness, local shops will be ideal places for you. This is a suggestion from Gina Gutierrez – a famous fashion designer; according to her, these places will not be mass-produced, which allows customers to own distinctive and special pieces of furniture.

4. On the Road

Kipton Cronkite, who is not only a curator of art but also a consultant, expressed his love for the Pasadena, California, Rose Bowl Flea Market since he could find old stuff there, including furniture, artwork, and other items, from sellers all around California. As a person who always enjoys the 1950s and 1960s furnishings, these markets full of unique items are his preference.

​​Additionally, you can repurpose whatever objects you come across while traveling to make something unique with greater meaning for you. Diana Weinstein of Diana Weinstein once had a client who brought back sari silks from India and required her to build a custom upholstered bed.

5. Shop Online

  • Lulu and Georgia: These 2 places are recommended by Zoë Cullen of Stay Domio since they almost always fit inside the budget and have the function of a showroom full of Cullen’s preferences.
  • Serena & Lilly: Another retailer picked from Maggie Natarelli of Raised By Design since Serena & Lilly provides customers with original oil pictures.
  • There are numerous stores including H&M, Zara Home, Amazon, Michaels, and even Walmart, that are frequently visited by both us and designers. Deidre Doherty of Deirdre Doherty Interiors indicated that “In the era of online shopping designers have to be open to sourcing from unusual places. Just like shopping for clothes, you can find nice things anywhere if you pay attention to quality and design. Nothing is off limits”.

Top Interior Designers Source Furniture In 2022

So, where do interior designers shop online? Let Q Furniture show you some online websites for furniture shopping of interior designers:

1. Eporta

Eporta can be seen as one of the best furniture stores for interior designers. The all-in-one platform eporta was created to handle interior projects from sourcing to implementation at trade costs. Additionally, eporta is definitely worth investigating with more than 10,000 leading interior designers and about 1,200 vendors using the website!


2. Artemest

Another sourcing furniture place is Artemest. This is an Italian brand created to inspire and celebrate the yearning for beauty in daily life. If you are searching and preferring Made in Italy craftsmanship, Aetemest is worth visiting.

3. 1stDIBS

1stdibs is one of the most recognizable artworks and iconic artifacts in the world. A superb selection of carefully screened professional sellers, along with first-rate customer support is available on 1stdibs. Additionally, prices are certain to be the lowest possible and come with complete insurance and consumer protection.

4. Chairish

Chairish is the go-to source for great home decor and artwork in the design community. Due to Chairish’s wide selection of exceptional antique and modern pieces from top-tier designer brands, dealers, galleries, and craftspeople, interior designers and tastemakers frequent the site. To sum up, Chairish is renowned for its innovative combination of carefully curated inventory and first-rate customer service that makes purchasing and selling interesting, especially for individuals who have the intention to know more about interior design.

5. DeMorais International

DeMorais International is one of the best trade-focused sources for luxury furniture, which can satisfy your most lavish and specialized design requirements. First and foremost, DI offers a wide range of designs from different European brands including furniture, decorative lighting, and textiles, … Moreover, the customer service of DI is highly appreciated since the staff will always give support during the process of designing and installing.  When it comes to interior design resources, DI is a must-know because it alleviates the difficulty of the global purchase process.

DeMorais International - Where Do Interior Designers Source Furniture

6. LuxDeco

LuxDeco should be one of the first options regarding expensive furniture. With a thorough awareness of how difficult and time-consuming searching for luxury furniture and home decor can be, LuxDeco’s carefully curated offering ensures a pleasurable and stress-free buying experience.

7. Luxe Interiors + Design

The online website Steelyard allows designers to look for items, and interact with the top trade organizations and companies in the market. For opening new accounts, and requesting samples, quotations, and transactions, it serves as a B2B store. Steelyard also gives you a wide range of products and online tools to fulfill all of your design demands.

8. Sotheby’s Home

If you do not know how to do with exquisite designer furniture, accessories, and artwork,  Sotheby’s Home (previously Viyet) is here to help you. Viyet has been one of the most effective curated consignment marketplaces for design enthusiasts to purchase and sell the best in pre-owned furnishings, antiques, and so on since Sotheby bought it in 2018.

9. DesignerInc

One of the other furniture stores for interior designers is DesignerInc. DesignerInc is a comprehensive, trade-only location where users can search and sort through more than 500,000 trade-only items from over 5,000 manufacturers. Thus, this is an ideal place for you to shop online.

In conclusion, those are some information about furniture stores, interior design and some shopping recommendations. With the above information, Q Furniture hopes to help you fully answer the question “where do interior designers shop?”