Things To Avoid When Setting Up With Concrete Side Table

March 9, 20220

A home office is a place for you to solve outstanding work or find new directions for your career. But very few people know how to properly arrange a concrete side table to work at home. This article Q-Furniture introduces the do’s and don’ts to help your career always be successful. If you have to deal with a lot of work after coming home, try to create your own workspace according to feng shui.

Things To Avoid When Setting Up Concrete Side Tables To Work

Placing your concrete side table next to or opposite the toilet

The bathroom always contains bad air flows, moreover, the feeling of wetness always makes you feel uncomfortable when working. The restroom is a common place, so people often use it without a rule. So not only makes you often lose focus when working, but also makes your career work not smooth

So, if you intend to create a working corner, choose a quiet location, facing the wall near the window to enjoy fresh air and natural light. This is also for the concrete top dining table, you should not put the dining table in front of the toilet because according to feng shui this will bring bad luck to your family.

Letting the wall or ceiling of the office get wet -Concrete Side Table

Things To Avoid When Setting Up Concrete Side Table To Work

You should pay attention to the walls and ceiling of the workspace, if the room where the desk is located is wet or cracked, repair it immediately to avoid wasting money in business.

Avoid placing office chairs without support

If the desk is close to a wall, you should choose a chair with a larger backrest than the person sitting. However, the best way is to place the table parallel to where you sit, the chair leaning against the wall because when you have a fulcrum, you will feel secure and comfortable to work more effectively.

Don’t arrange desks in rooms without windows

According to feng shui, if the desk is placed in a closed space, it is considered extremely bad. The air in the office needs to be circulated continuously, bringing a lot of air to create excitement at work as well as help employees have a favorable time in their career.

In addition, when sitting in an office without a window, you will always feel uncomfortable because the air is too stuffy.

Placing the office door opposite the stairs – Concrete Side Table

When the office door is placed opposite the stairs, it is considered a “shield killing” position, which will make it easy to lose good fortune in the profession. Not only that, career also has many bad luck. Therefore, you should choose a room with an escape door with stairs.

Messy arrangement – concrete side table

Things To Avoid When Setting Up Concrete Side Table To Work

In order for good air to be easily circulated in the office, you should regularly clean the room so that the room is airy and neat. Proper interior arrangement and decorative items help the flow of life easily to have a beneficial effect on your work.

Avoid placing things in the messy room, the long-term clutter can make the work often come to a standstill, and the work does not achieve the desired effect.

Instead, you can add a small concrete console table or concrete side table to expand your workspace in the room and have more space to organize documents.

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