Vietnam Furniture Factories: What Makes Concrete Furniture Very Popular?

May 3, 20220

Interior concrete has been used for a long time in developing countries in Europe. Currently, in Vietnam, interior concrete is also applied in designs for all fields. Let’s go with Q-Furrniture to find the answer to the question of why concrete furniture from vietnam furniture factories has become so popular!

Vietnam furniture factories– Bringing soul to the design space


In the past, concrete was only a material used to pave floors, roads and sidewalks, but in recent years, concrete has been noticed in concrete furniture because of its sustainability in construction. Besides, its characteristic color also makes people pay attention (elegant and streamlined, close, liberal but naked).

In addition, today there is a concrete staining service, so customers can freely choose the colors to dye to match the decoration space. That is why, today, interior concrete is extremely popular.

Advantages of concrete for interior decoration

Neutral cool color gamut


The main colors of concrete are usually gray, white gray and silver gray. They are neutral colors that are easy to coordinate with other decorative items in the home.

Green material

A dilemma today is how to reduce environmental pollution in production and business. Therefore, using interior concrete materials instead of other materials also contributes to environmental protection.

Moreover, creating an improved concrete production process with less smoke emission, reducing environmental damage. This creates sympathy for customers when using concrete as a decoration material.


Production technology is increasingly modern and constantly developing, so the heaviness of concrete is gradually improved. Concrete is treated with chemicals that create air pockets inside the concrete, creating porosity, thereby reducing the weight of the concrete. This certainly does not reduce the strength of the concrete.

Extremely good resistance to cracking and waterproofing

With today’s technology, just one coating on the surface, concrete is almost immune to environmental influences.

The application of concrete in interior decoration

With its versatility, concrete is increasingly being used in a variety of interiors: kitchen tables, vases, concrete garden furniture, aquariums, etc.

What’s more, the aesthetic appeal of concrete furniture is also highly appreciated. You can use them to create accents for your room or a small corner in the house. Even, it will be great to use them for the garden area to create a luxurious space.


Decorative concrete lights

Lamp models manufactured with lightweight concrete will bring extremely surprising and impressive visual effects. The lightweight concrete material is not only stronger, more durable, and can also be molded into different shapes.

Bathroom concrete furniture

The bathroom furniture is easy to clean, clean, does not cost much to maintain, has high durability even in humid environments.

Grinded concrete effect wall

Walls painted with concrete effect will highlight the decorative details shown on the wall.

Life is becoming more and more simplified, gradually people do not like too flashy walls with many colors instead prefer the simple color of concrete. On that background, add a few textures or colors to adorn the wall. Concrete, whether strange or familiar, is gradually entering our lives from a decorative perspective. Concrete contributes to creating a highlight for a peaceful, calm and gentle space.

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