March 3, 2023

1. What is Terrazzo : 

Terrazzo is an aggregate composed of a mixture of cement and debris from marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable material. It is widely used in interior design and wall tiles and home products.

1. What is Terrazzo : 

2. How to create Terrazzo: 

After mixing the mixture of cement, sand, and rock debris, people pour it into the product mold, with a drying time of about 24 hours, then grind a thin layer of cement on the surface to create a layer of Terrazzo.

2. How to create Terrazzo: 

3. History of Terrazzo: 

Although the history of Terrazzo can be traced back to ancient Egyptian mosaics, the first makers came from Italy. The form of Terrazzo used today derives in part from the “pavimento alla Veneziana” (Venetian pavement) and cheaper cafes. Go back more than 500 years in Italy, where marble was the main material of choice. Venetian masons will use the scraps of marble they have collected from their high-end projects, placing them side by side in a clay mortar tank to make their own residence and terrace. It is also the origin of Terrazzo. Terrazzo also involved the technique by which workers threw larger marbles into the cement. It is then ground and polished. These methods give the general appearance of Terrazzo involving pieces of rock bonded to a cement base.

Terrazzo was first introduced to the United States in the late 1890s, but was not popularized until the 1920s. One of the most famous examples of Terrazzo is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Created in 1958, the walk honors celebrities in the form of a Terrazzo star displaying their names.

4. Terrazzo advantages:

  • The variety of designs and patterns is variable so that users can choose for themselves
  • Very artistic and aesthetic
  • The surface of each product has a different and heterogeneous beauty
  • It is a sturdy and durable material
  • Withstands all the harshest weather

4. Terrazzo advantages:

5. What Q-FURNITURE has done with the world trend:

In 2000, Terrazzo began to be introduced into Vietnam but was not widely popularized until 2010 Terrazzo began to be known and widely used in wall and floor tile technology.

In 2016 Q-Furniture started researching Terrazzo until 2017 released the first product, thereby opening a product line that is considered one of Q-Furniture’s strengths compared to competitors up to now.

6. Terrazzo products of Q-Furniture: 

With the spirit of learning and cultivating knowledge and experience, Q-Furniture’s Terrazzo products are very diverse and unique in terms of designs and colors.

6. Terrazzo products of Q-Furniture: 

Regarding materials, Q-Furniture always seeks and cooperates with reputable and leading quality suppliers in the fields of stone and cement,… Regarding stone, Q-Furniture is always looking for stones that are diverse in color and size to be able to produce a Terrazzo product that has an art of its own.

In terms of quality, Q-Furniture always puts quality as the top criterion. The biggest disadvantage of Terrazzo is that after a while, the surface will crack, but at Q-Furniture we have overcome this drawback. With the cultivation of technological knowledge and practical application, it can be said that the surface of Terrazzo products at Q-Furniture is one of the most beautifully finished Terrazzo surfaces to date in the field of Terrazzo furniture. 

7. Conquer the market:

Q-Furniture’s Terrazzo products are currently being distributed in all continents of the world:

  • Australian market
  • Hungarian market
  • US market
  • Turkish market
  • South African market
  • Dubai market

Those are the markets where Q-Furniture has been selling

Some typical customers: