Professional Upholstery 2023: The Right Choice Is The Key

September 25, 2023

Nowadays, when you start planning to redecorate or renew a piece of furniture, understanding the upholstery material types and choosing them is an extremely important step. In this article, we will learn about “upholstery fabric” and the important things you need to know when deciding to choose this material. What Is The Upholstery Material Types? First, let’s clarify “upholstery fabric”. This type of material is used to cover mattresses, chairs, and other furniture parts. This material often has good abrasion and strength properties, helping to protect and beautify interior surfaces.

The Difference Between Upholstery Material And Regular Material

Common Upholstery Material Types

Conventional materials, commonly found in fashion and household products, often do not have high wear-resistant and strength-resistant properties like upholstery fabric. They may include cotton, linen, or polyester. These types often tear easily and lose color more quickly when subjected to daily use.


Made from PVC, vinyl is a popular choice in upholstery material types for interiors if you need a material that is easy to clean and durable. It is often used in restaurants, bars, or places where there is a lot of contact with water or food.

Vinyl Material


This fabric is often used for outdoor furniture pieces, like chairs by the pool or on the balcony. Canvas is usually water-resistant and has good durability against the effects of weather.


Leather is a high-quality and luxurious material for interiors. It has durability and self-cooling properties, making it suitable for both summer and winter. However, the care and preservation of leather requires special attention.

Leather Material


Chenille: Made from soft base fabric, chenille creates a warm and comfortable feeling. It is often used for chairs and sofas for the purpose of creating a comfortable and cozy feeling.

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The Best Upholstery Material Types For Mattress

When you decide on the upholstery material types for your mattress, there are several good options:

Microfiber: Convenience And Beauty

Microfiber is one of the popular upholstery material types of upholstery materials and has many notable advantages. This material is made from fine fibers with a very small diameter, often smaller than spider silk, which creates a smooth surface and a comfortable feeling to the touch.

Here are some advantages of Microfiber:

Easy To Clean And Dust-Resistant

Microfiber has good water resistance, helping to prevent water from penetrating deep into the material. This makes cleaning easier, especially in the event of water or liquid spills. You can easily wipe off water or stains without having to worry about the material absorbing water.

In addition, Microfiber’s fine fibers are resistant to dust and dirt. This makes it a good choice for homes with young children or pets, where stains often appear.

Outstanding Durability

Microfiber is famous for its high durability. This material is quite resistant to abrasion and abrasion, allowing it to maintain its beauty and newness over time. You don’t need to worry about the cartilage falling out or peeling off.

Ability To Adjust Temperature

Microfiber has the ability to self-cool, which means it can sense and adapt to the user’s body temperature. During the summer, it feels cool and comfortable, while in the winter, it keeps the body warm. This makes Microfiber a suitable choice for any season.

Microfiber: Convenience and Beauty

Besides, there are some things you should consider before choosing this upholstery material:

Ability To Absorb Moisture Stains

Although Microfiber has good water resistance, it can absorb moisture or liquid stains quickly if not cleaned promptly. This can cause stains and discoloration of the material.


Microfiber can wrinkle easily, especially after sitting or lying on a piece of furniture. This can make the surface look untidy and needs to be smoothed regularly.


Linen: Cool And Natural

Linen is one of the most beautiful in upholstery types- a natural material that brings coolness and naturalness to your interior. Linen’s strengths lie in its naturalness and comfort, but some weaknesses should also be considered. Here are good options:

Good Breathability

Flax is made from natural flax fibers and has good breathability. This helps it provide a cool and comfortable feeling on hot days. If you live in a region with hot summers, flax may be the ideal choice.

Moisture Absorption Ability

Flax has good moisture absorption ability, helping to balance the humidity in the living space. This can reduce the feeling of stuffiness and dampness in the space. However, it should be noted that flax can also wrinkle when damp.

Durable And Beautiful Over Time

Flax has good durability and is relatively resistant to abrasion. This means that linen upholstered furniture can maintain its beauty over many years of use.

Natural Color

Flax usually comes in natural colors, ranging from white and beige tones to brown and gray. This creates a highlight for an interior style that is natural and close to nature.

Linen Upholstery

Besides, there are some things you should consider:


Linen tends to wrinkle easily, especially after the user has sat or lying on the piece of furniture. This can make it look untidy and need to be smoothed regularly.

Need Special Care

Linen requires special care to keep it beautiful and durable. This may include dry cleaning or hand washing to avoid excessive wrinkling.

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Velvet: Luxury And Smoothness

Velvet is a luxurious and smooth upholstery material, often chosen to create a highlight in interior spaces. Here are some highlights about Velvet:

Smooth Surface

The outstanding feature of Velvet is its smooth and silky skin-like surface. The touch of Velvet is a pleasurable experience, and it lends beauty and elegance to any item covered with it.

Colorful Colors

Velvet is often available in a variety of tones, from dark and bold tones to light and elegant tones. This allows you to easily choose colors that suit your interior style and create a highlight in your living space.

Ability To Keep Warm

Velvet has the ability to keep warm better than some other types of materials. This makes it a good choice for winter furniture, such as chairs and sofas, to create a feeling of warmth and comfort.


Velvet is usually quite durable and resistant to abrasion, helping it maintain the beauty of the interior over time. However, it should be noted that Velvet can crack if it comes into contact with a sharp object or is pulled hard.

Velvet: Luxury and Smoothness

Beside, there are some things you should consider before choosing Velvet:

Easy To Dust

Velvet’s smooth surface can easily attract dust and stains. This requires periodic cleaning and care to maintain its beauty.

Limitations Of Use

Velvet is typically not a good choice for furniture located outdoors or in environments with a lot of exposure to water or food, as it can deteriorate easily when exposed to these elements.


Velvet is often more expensive than some other materials, due to its manufacturing process and uniqueness. This can be a deciding factor when you are considering your budget.


Here is an article exploring various types of upholstery material that we have diligently researched. We hope you will find the necessary information through Q-furniture‘s article and gain a clearer insight into choosing the most suitable and best-performing furniture materials.