Top Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Brands 2024

April 8, 2024

Looking for top outdoor furniture manufacturers brands is essential as outdoor lifestyles are growing in popularity, so is the demand for high-quality outdoor furniture. With new styles and materials emerging. Every year, finding the right manufacturer to suit your needs can be a challenge. That’s why Q-Furniture has put together a list of the best outdoor furniture manufacturers in 2024 – to help you create a beautiful outdoor living space with good quality patio furniture that is both fashionable and functional.

When Purchasing Outdoor Furniture Brands?

What needs to be considered?

When choosing the best outdoor furniture brand, you should consider the durability, functionality and style of those top patio furniture.

Look for pieces made with durable materials like aluminum, teak or wicker that can withstand the elements and provide enjoyment for years, such as the best outdoor brands furniture 2024. Consider how the item will be used—is it for relaxing or hosting dinner parties and family gatherings? You’ll want to choose furniture with ample seating or storage space, depending on your usage.

Finally, find items that aesthetically match the rest of your outdoor living area; Color, texture and shape should complement each other.

With careful consideration and research on top rated outdoor furniture, you can find the perfect piece of outdoor furniture from a trusted manufacturer.

In addition, you can search the Internet for top outdoor furniture brands for reference in terms of price and quality. And now, let’s explore the best rated outdoor furniture brands below!

Q-Furniture – Furniture Sourcing & Manufacturing in Vietnam

Q-Furniture has a factory directly manufacturing concrete furniture both inside and outside. Q-Furniture has 11 years of experience in exporting furniture to countries such as the US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Not only in production and export, we also meet the tastes of people. using modern design trends and creating furniture according to the user’s style.

Why choose concrete furniture? This will be a product that is very suitable for public places because its durability is very high. Good bearing capacity and suitable for all indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The durability of concrete will bring a comprehensive solution for a new age.

Q-Furniture - Furniture Sourcing & Manufacturing in Vietnam
Q-Furniture – Furniture Manufacturing in Vietnam

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Summit – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Summit’s high quality teak furniture is one of the best outdoor furniture manufacturers, their eco-friendly products are perfect for five-star hotels, villas and yachts around the world for their luxury. and its simple resilience. Summit’s talented designers have spent decades perfecting classic styles like English garden benches, rustic California lounge chairs and sleek, modern marine furniture.

Top Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Brands

Summit’s award-winning designs and premium materials form the basis of their high-quality living and dining room furniture collections. Summit’s tables, chairs and sofas draw ideas from a variety of sources, including British campaign furniture, California life landscapes, the Modern Art movement, boomerangs and the sea, to create modern aesthetic with clean lines and a minimalist feel.

That’s why you’ll find everything, the best outdoor lounge furniture from plush couches with generous proportions and cushions to angular classic dining tables and sleek folding chairs. sophisticated for the director there.

Rove Concepts Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Outdoor furniture manufacturers from Rove Concepts are designed to look like your favorite indoor furniture. Outdoor modular sofas, accent tables, patio chairs and outdoor stools are available from Rove Concepts. Its beautiful sectionals and sofas bring the vibe and comfort of indoor furniture to your outdoor space, and they won’t be out of place in a luxury resort.

Its outdoor furniture is made of high-quality materials such as quick-drying foam padding, UV-resistant fabric, and teak. Therefore, Rove Concepts will be a great choice for you.

Outer Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Outer is the best brand of outdoor furniture on a mission to help people enjoy the simple pleasures that our backyards, decks and patios offer. It has a variety of furniture, such as outdoor sofas and sofas, outdoor conversation sets and outdoor rugs. The brand sells its products directly to customers to keep prices low, while ensuring that its products are produced in an eco-friendly manner.

Villa Company Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Villa deals in modular products for people who really have a real backyard where they want to live, entertain, play and have fun. The best brand of outdoor furniture Villa is stylish, versatile and easy to maintain. So, contact the reputable Villa outdoor furniture manufacturers with a variety of models to make your home shine.

POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

POLYWOOD was founded in a garage by two high school friends who wanted to make outdoor furniture brands out of recycled plastic. The first product of this outdoor furniture manufacturers was an Adirondack chair, but since then it has expanded to include a wide range of outdoor furniture such as dining sets, rocking chairs, armchairs, sofas, schools century

Outer Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers 1

AllModern Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

AllModern is owned by Wayfair outdoor furniture manufacturers that specializes in selling the best modern furniture at reasonable prices.

AllModern has a wide range of contemporary cast aluminum and wood furniture sets at extremely low prices. They also almost always have discounts, so keep an eye out for a deal. No matter how much space you have or how much money you have, AllModern will have patio or backyard furniture to suit your needs.

Frontgate Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Frontgate offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories for luxury living. Frontgate has a wide range of outdoor living furniture, such as wicker, aluminum and teak seating sets, sun loungers, Adirondack chairs, patio swings and benches.

What’s more, Frontgate is also rated best quality patio furniture, you can consult and choose the right products for your home from these outdoor furniture manufacturers.

Arhaus Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Arhaus has a wide range of outdoor furniture, including sofas, couches, chairs, rocking chairs, dining sets and decorations. Each Arhaus outdoor furniture set is made for year-round use and is created with comfort in mind. Many pieces are handmade from solid wood, wicker can be left outside or recreated stone.

In addition, Arhaus – patio furniture brands have things to suit your needs and make you feel like you are on vacation even at home.

Crate & Barrel – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Whatever outdoor furniture space you have, Crate & Barrel’s collection of outdoor furniture manufacturers has something to suit your needs. Crate & Barrel, best known for its indoor furniture, applies the same level of detail and quality to its versatile patio furniture.

From patio chairs and sofa sets to picnic chairs, Crate & Barrel has a wide selection to choose from, with items in a variety of colors and styles to complement the aesthetics of your outdoor space. friend. If you are looking for patio furniture brands, Crate & Barrel is one of the manufacturers you should not miss.

Article Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Are you looking for reputable outdoor furniture manufacturers to supply your home? Article is the place for anyone trying to replicate the feel and comfort of indoor furniture outside. To complete your outdoor living space, Article’s outdoor furniture collection includes a wide range of outdoor furniture, backyard dining sets, small finishing touches and accessories like umbrellas, lights and pillows.‍

Harmonia Living Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Harmonia Living offers affordable seating, tables, cabinets and accessories that take the middle ground between luxury and sensibility. These outdoor furniture manufacturers come in a variety of upholstery styles so you can add a pop of color to your outdoor living space.

Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Mamagreen is one of the leading outdoor furniture brands because it combines cutting-edge design with long-lasting materials and finishes. It has a wide selection of outdoor furniture collections, such as outdoor seating, tables and dining furniture, from traditional recycled teak patio furniture to poolside pieces. modern powder coated aluminum, will not be out of place in luxury resorts.

McKinnon & Harris – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

McKinnon & Harris, based in Virginia, creates unique outdoor furniture for gardens, estates and yachts. This collection of outdoor furniture manufacturers is inspired by unforgettable family memories of outdoor activities. Each table and chair is handcrafted from high-performance aluminum with a double coating to protect the frame from saltwater corrosion.

Henry Hall Designs – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers 

Henry Hall’s award-winning design team has created an eye-catching line of teak lounge chairs, woven seating and outdoor tables. You can find McKinnon & Harris sunroom lounge chairs and patio dining sets in luxury residential and commercial areas.

Zachary A Design Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Zachary A Design’s industrial artisans combine the structured discipline of unique outdoor interior design, molding and molding with artistic freedom in sculpture and painting. The outdoor furniture manufacturers Zachart A Design always offers their iconic products that range from curved organic lounge chairs to cubic benches to corner sofas.

Talenti Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

One Outdoor furniture manufacturers not to be missed is Talenti, which redraws the line between indoor glamor and outdoor comfort. They attract internationally renowned designers and use cutting-edge materials and technologies. Products range from intimate maritime-inspired lounge chairs to the sleek lines of a picnic table set.

Shadowspec Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Shadowspec has developed great outdoor umbrellas for hotels and residential installations all over the world. The New Zealand company focuses on the ease of use, aesthetic design and resistance to the elements of each umbrella. Their patio umbrellas feature a clean, minimalistic modern design and are made of premium aluminum, stainless steel and Sunbrella acrylic fabric to ensure long-lasting performance and look.

B & B Italia – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

The responsiveness of outdoor furniture manufacturers B&B Italia to living trends and ingenious adjustments of traditional furniture has made it a pioneer in modern outdoor design. Notable designers such as Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola and Naoto Fukasaw have contributed to the company’s distinctive balcony interiors. So this is a reputable and quality outdoor furniture manufacturer, you should add to your list to contact when needed!

Exteta – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Exteta was honored for “creative designs, beautifully crafted into a space worth living in”. Their modern seating and tables are all indoor, outdoor and in between. Frames are usually made of solid hardwood such as sapelli or finished metal such as iron or brass.

Umbrosa – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Umbrosa’s sunshade and umbrella solutions are a blend of luxury, refined simplicity and practicality. The Belgian company integrates ingenious natural forms with the highest quality materials and the latest technology. Shades of outdoor furniture manufacturers Umbrosa now adorn the terraces, decks, and poolsides of the world’s most beautiful resorts, restaurants, and properties. Do not hesitate any longer, do not hurry to save when needed!

Coco Wolf – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Coco Wolf’s exclusive and made-to-order outdoor collections strike a balance between design and resilience. Hand-finished outdoor dining and lounge sets are exquisitely styled, exquisitely detailed and made for year-round outdoor living. Their beautiful rows of outdoor seating grace courtyards and terraces across Europe in upscale residential and commercial high-use locations.

Gandiablasco Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Gandiablasco brand from Spain with exquisite outdoor furniture design along with architectural features inspired by Mediterranean heritage. Their chic patio furniture features clean lines and pure forms that focus on what is essential rather than overlooked.

This refined line of outdoor lounge furniture features precision-cut hardwood slats with a deep chestnut grain finish and minimalist styling.

Jardinico Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

With the innovative Belgian design and detail of each outdoor parasol from outdoor furniture manufacturers, Jardinico always creates the perfect outdoor space. Jardinico realizes that premium outdoor umbrellas serve as a perfect complement to beauty in addition to sun protection.

Their elegant shades are defined by their flawless construction, sleek lines and a wide range of canopy colors and finishing options to complement other outdoor palettes.

Roda Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Roda design blends indoor and outdoor living. Their outdoor sets range from the Dandy line of plush fabric upholstered modular sofas to the sleek and curvaceous ergonomic seats of the Laser collection. Luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers Roda can be found in grounds, patios and patios.

AK47 – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

AK47 furniture always creates a friendly environment and natural beauty for your home campus. The timeless designs of outdoor furniture manufacturers AK47 often feature firewood and barbecue storage options in addition to a safe container for burning logs and tinder. Oxidized steel, heat-treated antique Chestnut wood and handcrafted concrete are just a few of the high-quality materials that give the AK47 barrel its distinctive strong character and style. These sculptural fire furniture create cheerful outdoor focal points that liven up both residential and commercial open spaces.

EGO Paris – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

EGO Paris’ contemporary designs have achieved international acclaim for their ingenuity in combining form and function. Designer Thomas Sauvage’s outstanding Tandem collection has been recognized for its sun loungers and awarded the REDDOT design award. The iconic line integrates a powder-coated aluminum frame, teak flooring and Batyline cable car in an asymmetrical and undulating silhouette.

Outer Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

EGO Paris’s daring outdoor furniture manufacturers collections adorn the most prestigious hotels from Dubai to Buenos Aires and other magnificent outdoor spaces worldwide. Therefore, EGO Paris is always a great choice for you

Paola Lenti – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Paola Lenti is internationally renowned for her innovative interior designs. The Italian furniture company creates cohesive indoor and outdoor collections by combining architectural structures, material properties, nuances and natural forms. This balance of form and function imparts refined elegance to each piece.

In addition to balancing research and experimentation, Paola Lenti finds complementarities in apparent opposites. Traditional crochet craftsmanship is enhanced by high-tech weaves, while iconic textures and lines from the past merge with sleek modern surfaces and lines for a unique look. of the products of outdoor furniture manufacturers Paola Lenti.

Kettal – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Kettal – a luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers that combine a wide range of high-quality materials and innovative ideas in a range of high-end outdoor furniture. Perforated metal sheets are used to create the calyx-shaped seat covers, while weather-resistant synthetic wicker and woven cords form the comfortable seats. The company’s approach to novel design is complemented by a philosophy of respect for the environment. If you are looking for a unique and classy design, Kettal is a great choice.

Ethimo – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Ethimo specializes in custom designed outdoor furniture with Mediterranean colors and the charm of authentic humble places. The elegant designs of outdoor furniture manufacturers  this  highlight the terraces of exclusive hotels, luxury resorts and private botanical gardens around the world.

Oasiq – Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers 

Oasiq – a contemporary outdoor furniture manufacturers inspired by nature.

What’s more, Oasiq combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create premium outdoor furniture that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Their commitment to excellence can be traced back to the fact that they develop premium leathers, sturdy metal components and durable textiles for equestrian sports. As a result, every chair, table and sofa produced is beautiful and matches the expected physical demands of luxury outdoor furniture.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Brown Jordan has always been recognized as one of the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers. Their iconic award-winning designs combine innovative modern ideas with premium materials and traditional manufacturing techniques to create premium patio furniture.

Each hand-crafted die-cast aluminum furniture set undergoes a rigorous finishing process to ensure that they are not only beautiful, but can withstand the elements for years to come. outdoor furniture manufacturers Brown Jordan has a wide range of styles and products from which you can outfit your deck, poolside or garden.

Royal Botania Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Royal Botania is renowned worldwide as the pioneer outdoor furniture manufacturers in the field of high-end outdoor furniture. Their high-quality items are the result of diligent research and development as well as careful consideration of form, function and materials. Their commitment to sustainable use of wood and recyclable metals and synthetics, as well as harmony between form and function, have earned them several design awards.

Sifas Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

If you are looking for outdoor furniture manufacturers that are luxurious and durable, Sifas is the brand for you. Their collection is among the most expensive on the market, but they use the finest materials and modern manufacturing processes, and offer an unmatched 10-year warranty.

Each piece of premium patio furniture is crafted from lacquered aluminum, marine grade stainless steel, tempered glass and PVC coated polyester to ensure it looks great with minimal maintenance. Upholstered sofas and benches are upholstered in durable Sunbrella fabric. The long lasting yet stylish Sifas will not let you down.

Barlow Tyrie Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Barlow Tyrie is one of the most experienced outdoor furniture manufactures famous all over the world. Barlow Tyrie has been designing and manufacturing high-quality teak furniture for nearly a hundred years. This manufacturer harvests teak grown from environmentally responsible hardwood forests, but their stylish patio furniture also incorporates steel, aluminum and synthetic fibres.

Teak is strong, durable and weatherproof for years, so Barlow Tyrie designers and craftsmen are committed to creating timeless classic couches, dining tables and seating that never untrendy. 

Fermob Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Fermob luxury garden furniture is produced with creativity, fun, color and eco-friendly. These outdoor furniture manufacturers stay fresh by partnering with seasoned and up-to-date designers who provide inspiration for Fermob’s distinctive steel and aluminum outdoor collections.

While the styles vary from provincial to intricate, clean lines and vibrant colors with a hint of whimsy are the traits that permeate almost every armchair, dining table, and couch.

Skagerak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Skagerak is one of the outdoor furniture manufactures specializing in classic wooden tables, chairs & benches

Quality and sustainability have always been at the heart of Skagerak luxury outdoor furniture, and are the basis of their mantra “Designed for Generations”. Their line of premium teak patios is FSC certified and features a classic design built over decades. From traditional benches and dining sets to minimalist bookshelves and desks, Skagerak’s high-end Danish collection features clean lines that look great in the garden, on the deck or even indoors. The simplicity of form, texture and finish give each piece a pleasant feeling.

Janus et Cie Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Janus et Cie has been one of the most innovative outdoor furniture manufacturers in luxury casual outdoor and garden furniture for over 35 years. They believe that environmental sustainability begins with quality raw materials and ends with durable designs that retain style and function for years. Janus et Cie uses both natural hardwood and eco-friendly synthetic wood (made from recycled milk cartons).

They also incorporate marine grade stainless steel and woven kraft paper and rattan. Their luxury pool and terrace collections range from classic angular styles to modern and organic designs with fluid lines, which attract customers to Janus et Cie day in and day out. bronze.

Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

For over a hundred years, Lloyd Flanders has been manufacturing premium quality heirloom woven furniture from their facility in Upper Michigan. Their patented weaving process is used to create timeless luxury outdoor furniture from natural wicker fibers and UV-resistant vinyl textiles. Their rattan chairs, rocking chairs, and wicker couches adorn the porches of many historic landmarks and hotels across the state and have been featured in both film and television.

Shademaker Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Shademaker combines advanced manufacturing techniques with clean marine-influenced designs to create architecturally stunning outdoor umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas and market umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These premium shades can be pricey, but they’re built to last. They are constructed from durable anodized aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel with high performance nylon hubs and ribs.

The canopies are covered in weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric in a variety of fade-resistant colors. This outdoor furniture manufacturers specializes in these premium umbrellas that are loved at country clubs, resorts and restaurants across the country.

Vondom Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Vondom’s goal is to make even the most basic outdoor area a beautiful and functional extension of the home. They are at the forefront of the industry for premium indoor/outdoor furniture, and they scour the globe for architects and designers who share their appreciation for form and design. aesthetic environment. Vondom’s luxury sun collections, sectional sofas and chaise longues are characterized by fluid expressive lines, geometric shapes and captivating abstract minimalism.

These outdoor furniture manufacturers combine cutting-edge engineering with an appreciation for nature to create luxurious outdoor furniture that stands out from the crowd.

EcoSmart Fire Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Ecosmart Fire makes the best quality ethanol heaters on the market, both for indoor and outdoor use. There is no ash to clean up, no smoke to cover, and no unpleasant odor when eco-friendly ethanol is burned instead of wood or propane. Each fireplace is completely self-sufficient and requires no external resources. However, form without function is unacceptable, which is why Ecosmart Fire offers a variety of modern fireplaces, fire pits and wall units in sleek, eye-catching designs.

But that’s not all there is to their creativity and beauty. Their bioethanol E-NRG can hold a flame for up to twelve hours, and it has an attractive orange color. To ensure your fireplace not only looks great but lasts for many seasons, they use cutting-edge design and only premium materials. Their work can be seen in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts.

Gloster Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Gloster specializes in high-end teak furniture, but also has collections in rattan, wicker and powder-coated aluminum. The teak of these outdoor furniture manufacturers is harvested from carefully managed plantations to ensure high quality and environmental responsibility. Every sofa, couch and coffee table is shaped and finished by dedicated craftsmen who take great pride in their work so you can enjoy years of relaxation in the sun.

Kingsley Bate Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Kingsley Bate is one of the elegant and eco-friendly outdoor furniture manufacturers. The unique materials here mainly teak have made it an unrivaled choice for wooden outdoor furniture among skilled artisans over the centuries. Keeping to this custom, Kingsley Bate uses only the finest grade A teak, ethically and responsibly sourced from the reforested forests of Java and Burma.

Hardwood is kiln-dried for durability, machined for precision and hand-crafted for a luxurious feel. Beautiful designs in a variety of styles from simple and rustic to traditional and contemporary reinforce our commitment to high-quality eco-friendly construction.

The world of outdoor furniture is constantly changing, with new materials and styles emerging every year. To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve rounded up the best outdoor furniture manufacturers in 2024. From traditional wood to modern metal, these manufacturers are sure to have something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for a new patio set or simply want to spruce up your yard, remember the outdoor furniture manufactures we’ve rounded up in this article.

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