Top 5 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

April 10, 20240

In the following article, Q-Furniture will introduce to you the famous and reputable concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam brands. Hopefully this useful information can help you have more choices to decorate your living and working space more airy and modern, contributing to improving work efficiency and quality of life!

Decox interior design – Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Decox interior design - Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Decox Interior Design stands out as a prominent concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. Committed to delivering furniture products imbued with an Asian essence, Decox focuses on meeting the unique needs and lifestyle preferences of Vietnamese consumers. Their expert team of architects offers personalized design solutions for apartments, ensuring seamless integration with clients’ requirements and budget constraints. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction and affordable pricing, Decox remains a trusted choice for those seeking modern and functional furniture pieces.

Q-furniture – Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Q-furniture - Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Q-Furniture is a famous concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The company has stood firmly in the industry for 11 years, exporting to many countries including the US, Australia, UK, and the Netherlands. All are proof of curahoj’s reputation in each product.

Q-Furniture – a concrete furniture manufacturer always has the capacity to meet export requirements and satisfy business customers from all over the world.

As one of the leading concrete furniture companies, Q-Furniture takes pride in its automated manufacturing capabilities and utilization of modern processing machinery. With a dedicated commitment to advanced technology across its processes, the company thrives in delivering significant quantities of concrete pots and diverse interior items promptly and at competitive prices. Additionally, Q-Furniture extends OEM/ODM services within its factory, ensuring that each product adheres to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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Minh Khoi Furniture – Exemplifying Excellence in Concrete Funiture Production

Minh Khoi Furniture - Exemplifying Excellence in Concrete Funiture Production

If someone ask concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, Minh Khoi Furniture Company is one of the famous names. As an exporter and supplier of high-class furniture products for families, restaurants, hotels, schools, offices… Besides, Minh Khoi furniture also provides design services and decoration. Furniture for villas, apartments, townhouses, townhouses, etc. with prices 20-40% cheaper than in the market directly produced by the company.

In Vietnam, Minh Khoi stands out among concrete furniture companies with an extensive array of diverse designs. Offering hundreds of models across various product categories, customers can effortlessly select furniture pieces for their home spaces. Minh Khoi’s collection encompasses three distinct and popular styles: modern, classical, and semi-classical.

Kim Anh Saigon Furniture

Kim Anh Furniture Saigon is a reliable address specializing in interior design consultancy and construction of home furniture, offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, karaoke… if you’re looking for concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam

Owning a team of experienced designers and technical experts, dedicated to the profession. Kim Anh Saigon furniture products are considered to be of high quality, aesthetic and trendy.

Product quality and customer requirements come first, a perfect solution for interior decoration furniture with natural beauty, so that customers are always proud of their aesthetics and right choice. mine. Therefore, coming to Kim Anh Saigon Furniture, customers will really feel satisfied when using the company’s services and products. Bring harmony and comfort to your living and working environment.

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Thanh Dung Furniture

Finding concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam? In the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Dung furniture brand is one of the most famous and prestigious addresses. Thanh Dung’s furniture products have been awarded Gold Cup at Home Tech 2007 exhibition, Vietnam Build Exhibition Gold Cup 2008-2009, Gold Cup for WTO integration – Vietnamese construction brand awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In addition, Thanh Dung furniture won the Gold Cup of Top 100 Vietnam’s Leading Furniture Brands and the Gold Cup of “Quality Prestige Brands and Products” awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology on July 1, 2009.

How To Find A Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam?

Preparing your product concept

Your business can’t survive with only 1 idea such as a concrete chair or a concrete top dining table. Before investing your time and money in production, you should brainstorm many product ideas to make sure a few of them can be made. And then, you need to know how to produce them, any problems with production progress, and the unique factor of your product.

To help you answer them, Q-Furniture suggests you should conduct a competitive analysis or see how people do with similar ideas. That will help you save a lot of time and money.

Preparing your product concept

Know what type of manufacturer you are looking for

Now, your product ideas are ready but do you know what type of concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam you are looking for? Not all start-ups can answer this easily. Before finding a manufacturer, you need a fully formed idea of your product’s function and design. Without product design, manufacturers will make flawed products and you will lose money. 

When asked about a supplier, everyone thinks that it is the one creating products from raw materials. But not all suppliers are manufacturers. There are 3 types of suppliers such as factories, wholesalers, and trading companies. 

  1. Factories: are the businesses that make goods or services for sale from raw materials. Then the goods will be distributed to retailers or wholesalers who sell to customers. The good thing when you deal with a factory is you will get the lowest price. But it is often harder to close deals with an overseas factory though the profitability is highest.
  2. Wholesalers: Instead of producing, they just buy from factories and sell to customers. You will be able to deal with a domestic company, making communication easier than with overseas manufacturers. Wholesalers may have local warehousing so shipping products fee is cheaper than from overseas factories.
  3. Trading companies: they are middlemen like wholesalers but deal in smaller quantities and a larger variety of products. But that means which drives up your price per unit. Also, they won’t be responsible for flawed products.

Know what type of manufacturer you are looking for

Research about the concrete furniture manufacturer

Once you have decided what types of concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam you are searching for, it’s time to find a manufacturer. There are many sources for you to research:

  1. Google: Anything can be found with a Google search but finding a good manufacturer isn’t easy. You should use different search phrases such as “manufacturer”, “factory”, and “supplier” with the name of the product.
  2. Forums and Social Media: You can use search engines to find forums discussing the type of your product. Many threads discuss manufacturers and you can start one.
  3. Referrals: If you have any connections in the field, don’t be afraid to approach them for recommendations. They will help you connect to potential partners who can custom concrete furniture.
  4. Online manufacturer directories: you can find a factory to manufacture through online manufacturer directories. There are thousands of manufacturer profiles you can choose from.

Experience the Best in Concrete Furniture Manufacturing with These Leading Brands

From Decox Interior Design’s culturally inspired creations to Thanh Dung Furniture’s globally sourced luxury designs, Vietnam’s concrete furniture manufacturers offer a diverse range of options to elevate your living spaces. Whether you’re furnishing a new home, office, or commercial establishment, these reputable brands deliver quality, style, and affordability. Explore their collections today and transform your space with the timeless elegance of concrete furniture.

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