Top 5 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

March 28, 20220

In the following article, Q-Furniture will introduce to you the famous and reputable concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam brands. Hopefully this useful information can help you have more choices to decorate your living and working space more airy and modern, contributing to improving work efficiency and quality of life!

Decox interior design – Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Top 5 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

For anyone finding concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, With the motto of providing customers with quality furniture products with Asian spirit, in accordance with the customs and living habits of Vietnamese people, Decox Furniture has researched and launched interior products that meet the needs of the Vietnamese people. meet the basic needs of people when moving to live in a new house.

With apartment design projects, the team of architects of Decox interior conducts planning of free design ideas, giving customers complete peace of mind when moving into a new home while still having their own home. costs can be minimized. Caring directly to customers’ obstacles, enabling them to have a better quality of life makes Decox furniture products more trusted and chosen than ever before.

Q-furniture – Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Top 5 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Q-furniture is a Vietnam-based industrial manufacturer and direct exporter with 11 years of experience in concrete furniture. Since 2010, the corporation has known for its low price, yet created the most remarkable products. So this is one of the best concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. 

Q-Furniture has been serving the toughest markets of the world in concrete furniture. The company has affirmed trust with customers in 4 key markets: USA, England, Australia and Netherlands. By non-stop efforts, they are still on a journey to expand and conquer other markets in the world.

Q-Furniture provide diverse furniture products from cement and terrazzo such as custom concrete furniture, concrete top dining table australia. Additionally, to catch up with the customer’s requirements, we also mix different materials(wood, steel) with concrete


Minh Khoi Furniture

Top 5 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

If someone ask concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, Minh Khoi Furniture Company is one of the famous names. As an exporter and supplier of high-class furniture products for families, restaurants, hotels, schools, offices… Besides, Minh Khoi furniture also provides design services and decoration. Furniture for villas, apartments, townhouses, townhouses, etc. with prices 20-40% cheaper than in the market directly produced by the company.

The designs of Minh Khoi furniture are extremely diverse, there are hundreds of models for products, from which customers can easily choose furniture for their home space with 3 typical popular styles. are modern style, classical style and semi-classical style.

Kim Anh Saigon Furniture

Kim Anh Furniture Saigon is a reliable address specializing in interior design consultancy and construction of home furniture, offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, karaoke… if you’re looking for concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam

Owning a team of experienced designers and technical experts, dedicated to the profession. Kim Anh Saigon furniture products are considered to be of high quality, aesthetic and trendy.

Product quality and customer requirements come first, a perfect solution for interior decoration furniture with natural beauty, so that customers are always proud of their aesthetics and right choice. mine. Therefore, coming to Kim Anh Saigon Furniture, customers will really feel satisfied when using the company’s services and products. Bring harmony and comfort to your living and working environment.

Thanh Dung Furniture

Finding concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam? In the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Dung furniture brand is one of the most famous and prestigious addresses. Thanh Dung’s furniture products have been awarded Gold Cup at Home Tech 2007 exhibition, Vietnam Build Exhibition Gold Cup 2008-2009, Gold Cup for WTO integration – Vietnamese construction brand awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In addition, Thanh Dung furniture won the Gold Cup of Top 100 Vietnam’s Leading Furniture Brands and the Gold Cup of “Quality Prestige Brands and Products” awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology on July 1, 2009.

With the position of one of the leading brand content in the field of distribution, high-class non-foreign content, most of Thanh Dung’s furniture products are imported directly from the US, Italy, Germany and the US. Malaysia with luxurious and modern style enriches the living space of Vietnamese families.

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