Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

March 13, 20220

The economy is growing, construction works are increasing strongly. To meet the increasing demand for fresh concrete, there are now many companies producing fresh concrete. Testing the quality of concrete is extremely important. Through this article,  a list of top 3 reputable and professional concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam will be given to you. 

Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Dai Phu Thanh Furniture Co., Ltd 

Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Supplier & construction of items:
1. Korean wallpaper, Japanese wallpaper, wall painting, sticker, ..
2. Curtains, blinds, curtain fabrics, yarn curtains, bathroom curtains, ..
3. Laminate flooring Eurohome, Gecus, Janmi, Kahn, Kelldall,..

Besides developing the distribution system of Korean Wallpaper at Showroom, Dai Phu Thanh has also implemented an online sales system on the website to help customers choose products and buy goods quickly right at home or in the office. Moreover, Dai Phu Thanh wallpaper distribution has also linked up with the online system of reputable brands and with a number of other partners in the wallpaper industry to facilitate customers to know the products they need. Buy from any country.

Contact information: Dai Phu Thanh Wallpaper – Dai Phu Thanh Furniture Co., Ltd. 57A Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City (Near Big C Supermarket), City. Ho Chi Minh (HCMC)

Q-Furniture – Sun In Your House – Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

When it comes to concrete, people might think of such a material as heavy, and bulky items. But with Q-Furniture‘s advanced technology, the company design the most lightweight and delicate shape but still ensure the strong texture of the furniture.

Q-Furniture is a place specializing in manufacturing, trading and exporting Concrete Furniture products. Their products bring a minimalist, elegant style through the main materials are concrete and terrazzo. The company’s products are also extremely diverse such as concrete side table, round coffee table sets, concrete garden furniture, etc.

The company has confirmed the trust with customers in 4 key markets: USA, UK, Australia and Netherlands. With a wealth of experience, a team of highly skilled and passionate members, Q-Furniture will be a place worth trusting when choosing interior decoration.

Contact information: Land lot no 946, map no 10, Ba Tri quarter, Tan Hiep ward, Tan Uyen town, Binh Duong province, Vietnam. 

Thu Anh Furniture Material Co., Ltd – Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

Thu Anh Furniture Material Co., Ltd – Professional manufacturer, importer and supplier of wooden furniture. With more than 10 years of experience, Thu Anh Furniture is proud to bring to customers the optimal solutions for home space with products and services:

+ Wooden kitchen furniture: Wooden kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen shelves, wooden dining table sets, ..

+ Living room furniture: TV shelf, wooden shoe cabinet, wooden table and chair, wooden bookshelf, ..

+ Bedroom furniture: Wooden bed, wooden desk, wooden wardrobe, ..

+ Interior design and construction services: For bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, villas, apartments, ..

When coming to Thu Anh, you will have collections with interior equipment that require ideas and sophisticated design lines with a variety of:

  •  Material: Laminate wood, Melamine wood, Acrylic wood , wood veneer, picomat wood, natural wood, ..
  •  Brands: Bosch, Teka, Hettich, Hafele, Vicostone, Blum, An Cuong,..

Contact information: Thu Anh Furniture – Thu Anh Furniture Material Co., Ltd. No. 4, Alley 18 Vo Van Dung Street, O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi


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