Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturers Prestige, Quality

March 27, 20220

Choosing furniture for your dream home is never easy for homeowners. Especially in the strongly developed furniture market with many brands, wide range of products and prices. So what is a reputable brand of concrete furniture manufacturers that is trusted by many people? The article will suggest you the names that are popular with many customers today from Concrete Furniture Vietnam.

French Heritage – Concrete Furniture Manufacturers

Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturers Prestige, Quality

French Heritage is a very famous French luxury furniture company, this brand specializes in manufacturing and trading interior items with styles from classical, neoclassical to modern. For over 35 years, French Heritage has produced only the finest quality furniture. French Heritage is known for its distinctive design, great value, and unique collaborations with customers. French Heritage remains the furniture manufacturer of choice for leading designers for residential, hotel and commercial projects.

Most of French Heritage’s furniture products are created by the combination of modern style with romantic French inspiration, from that story to create works of interior that are capable of stimulating the mind. Imaginative and sophisticated for any space in your home. With French Heritage, there are absolutely no laws, no existence of right and wrong, and no place for the absolute to reign.

However, it is precisely from the different things that will bring a warm feeling and a comfortable mood every time you rest and relax on the furniture from French Heritage. Each customer has unique needs and French Heritage engineers and facilities are always ready to serve customers and provide the best solution for each project.

Forma Ideale – Concrete Furniture Manufacturers

Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturers Prestige, Quality

Forma Ideale is famous for its quality leather furniture products, such as French beds, wooden furniture, stools and Sofas. Forma Ideale designs are characterized by modern shapes, each design line is clearly expressed, the aesthetic beauty and function are clearly expressed.

Thanks to the orientation to the latest production processes, modern product design and functions, as well as bringing goods to market with the best price-to-quality ratio, which has always been an imperative business mission, Forma Ideale has rightfully earned the title of producer and market leader in the furniture manufacturing sector, as a fast-growing industry.



Top 3 Concrete Furniture Manufacturers Prestige, Quality

Q-Furniture – concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam has to stay qualified to meet the exporting requirements and satisfy business customers from all over the world. They have stood firm in the industry for 11 years and their products have been exported to many countries, including the US, Australia, UK, and the Netherlands. This shows the prestige of the company from the products they bring.

Q-Funiture is proud of its automated manufacturing and world-class processing machinery. By using such technology solely at wanted the bottom line, they can provide the amount of custom concrete furniture or any piece of concrete furniture at the fastest speed and of course, at a reasonable price. OEM/ODM service is also applied in the Q-Furniture factory to make sure our products reach are qualified. Our top furniture artisans are also present in the manufacturing process to put the finishing touches on the products.

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