Tips To Design Your House In A Minimalist Style In Q-Furniture

April 22, 20220

If you are looking to pursue a modern but equally luxurious design style. In 2022, the minimalist design style will become a popular trend. These styles emphasize elegant beauty and ease of application for all spaces in your house. Let’s Q-Furniture gives you tips to choose the right furniture and become a homeowner with great taste.

What is minimalism in the interior?

Minimalism style is a style that focuses on being as basic and simple as possible. You can see this style expressed in many diverse trends such as art, especially visual art. Minimalist style in the interior is currently popular because of the sophistication and simplicity in the space it brings. Minimalist interior style means using simple lines, minimizing furniture, few details, even every detail has a certain meaning to create the most harmonious and airy space. The highlight of this style is simplicity, clear lines, and the use of monochromatic tones as accents in the design. The main elements in minimalist interior design are light, architectural shapes, and functional furniture. Here are the guidelines when you follow this style

Q-Furniture Tips To Design Your House In A Minimalist Style

Less is more

Always pay attention to this principle when you want your house to look modern but still not too fussy. Furniture will be eliminating unnecessary things in space. In which, items with little function but always occupying space in your house will also be minimized. Instead, items with many functions, smart and simple with the neatest lines, must be comfortable and ensure high aesthetics.

Use monochromatic color gamut

Color is an important consideration if you want to pursue this design style. A typical minimalist space has no more than four colors. It will include the main color tone and coordinating secondary colors to highlight the airy and more elegant space for your home. Furthermore, neutral and monochrome colors are conform. This also gives the impression that the space is larger.

Take advantage of simple designs

The furniture is always limited to the maximum extent, focusing only on its functions and essentials. A concrete top dining table in the kitchen with its flat, smooth surface, simple shape, and strong lines, will help your kitchen space be simplified but still extremely sophisticated.

Q-Furniture Tips To Design Your House In A Minimalist Style
You won’t find intricately patterned furniture and accessories or elaborate decorations in this style. Instead, the focus of the space is on the purity and simplicity of lines and shapes.

Concrete furniture – interior trends in recent years

Concrete is no longer the unwieldy raw material that many people believe it to be. They are becoming increasingly popular in minimalist and luxurious designs. Materials with a high degree of aesthetic flexibility, as well as the ability to easily combine concrete furniture with other materials such as wood or steel. Bring a unified but equally outstanding overall look to your own home.

concrete furniture

Q- Furniture will bring you concrete furniture products with extremely good quality, many diverse designs. Rugged construction withstands even the weather outside. You will definitely need it for a minimalistic space you always want.

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