The Great Market For Furniture Factories In Vietnam

May 4, 20220

Customers’ requirements for furniture items are now more diverse than ever. The number of furniture-related businesses is growing by the day. As a result, the demand for a high-quality furniture factory is growing. Foreign companies are beginning to take notice of furniture factories in Vietnam. 

The Development Of Furniture Factories In Vietnam

Vietnam ranks first in Southeast Asia, second in Asia, and fourth in the world in terms of furniture exports. Vietnam exported 6.3 billion euros of home furniture and 1.5 billion euros of home decoration products in 2015. Both of these industries grew rapidly over five years, from 2010 to 2015, at 10.9 percent and 12.4 percent, respectively.

The United States remains Vietnam’s most important major market for furniture exports. This enables Vietnam to export furniture to the United States for 723 million USD, bringing the total value of furniture exports to the United States in the first eight months of the year to more than 4 billion USD, a 26 percent (nearly 1 billion USD) increase over the same period last year.

furniture factories in vietnam

This expansion has significantly aided the industry’s overall expansion. This is evidence of the furniture factory’s rapid growth. In addition, it provides an opportunity for domestic Vietnam furniture manufacturers to take more decisive action.

A New Direction For Vietnam Furniture Factory

To gain market share, furniture factories in Vietnam must quickly collaborate with professional distributors to expand their opportunities. Cooperation with foreign firms will assist Vietnamese firms in improving product quality. In addition, it must cater to the tastes and needs of Vietnamese consumers. To accomplish this, factories must also ensure that their factories, from facilities to workers, meet the standards required to collaborate with foreign businesses.

Improve manufacturing technology

The primary goal of all businesses is technological innovation, with a focus on design and commerce. As a result, businesses will develop unique and high-value products to capitalize on the opportunity to dominate a difficult market such as the United States.

Adjust the price, a suitable model

Furthermore, if domestic factories want to be proactive in front of the market, they must first change product prices and improve designs to match the market. Cooperation can take the form of joint investment groups.

Invest in advertising and product promotion.

This is a critical step for retailers. To create a bolder direction, the consumer advertising strategy must be stronger. Simultaneously, more preferential policies to attract domestic and foreign businesses are required.

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furniture factories in vietnam

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