The Distinctive Appearance Of Concrete Furniture In Industrial Workplaces

February 25, 20220

Think of concrete as merely being suitable for building park benches and concrete structures? You should have a look at all of these concrete furniture items such as the concrete outdoor dining table! Since the 19th century, human has used concrete as a construction material. But now we’re bringing concrete to new heights. The concrete design has not only conquered the interior home decoration trend but also played an important role in formal places like the working place.

How an aesthetic working environment can affect employee productivity? Why industrial-styled furnishing is the final choice for offices? Let’s find out with Q-Furniture!

Design Layout Does Affect Employee Performance

Positively impact on employee’s productivity. According to Health and Safety at Work Journal (Zakerian et al., 2016), people can execute activities more quickly and efficiently if their workspace has a high-quality design. While it can enhance workers’ creativity, and at the same time, boost collaboration. People often brush aside the benefits of a well-organized physical working environment.

Improve job satisfaction. It’s a natural behavior that we are drawn to things that are visually appealing, for example, attractive human beings or nice pictures. This is because beauty generally stimulates our brain, μ-opioid receptors to be more specific.

the distinctive appearance of concrete furniture in industrial workplaces

Why It Has To Be An Industrial-Style Concrete Furniture?

The perfect combination: concrete furniture and industrial style

The idea for industrial interior design comes from old factories and warehouses which emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Other designs conceal the rawness and flaws of materials and ducts, whereas industrial embraces them and makes them a major point. As time passed, more and more offices have adopted such design, especially in Germany and Netherlands. Artistic industrial workplaces not only encourage employees ’ motivation and performance quality but also reflect the image of an organization.

And the material that can bring out the best of this style of design is concrete. The raw, sturdy, unfinished look of cemented pieces of furniture is the fundamental aspect in creating a room’s attractiveness. Separating it from other materials such as stone or wood.

the distinctive appearance of concrete furniture in industrial workplaces
This architectural visualization work is a product of the Coordination Studio. Breaking the prejudice that industrial look with concrete-based is only gloomy and dark. The team has come up with a unique idea: playfully mixing the brutal, dark tone of metal and concrete with bright pieces of furniture.

Q-Furniture – Your Longterm Manufacturer Partner

Q-Furniture is a manufacturer and supplier brand located in Vietnam. With a reputation of 11 years standing in the worldwide concrete furniture industry, we guarantee every piece of the product reaches the advanced quality of the export requirement. And even better, we offer a fair price  and shipping options that are dependable

In order to match and complement various space decor, we also offer a wide range of concrete furniture with diverse choices, from brutalist design to elegantly polishing. You can’t find the wanted design in the product category? Contact and send us your desirable cemented items! You can choose not only the available tables or planters but you can also request customized ones.


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