Top 7 Best Source Office Furniture Calgary in 2022.

November 17, 2022

Efficiency and productivity are key components of office work. Working in the cleanest spaces and surrounded by Calgary’s best office furniture can help these two factors. The greatest furniture will be ergonomically designed to make you feel comfortable while you work. And in reality, the only people who can give you such designs are those that specialize in the furniture industry. However, if you need help choosing which stores to visit for your office furniture, Top 7 Best Source Office Furniture Calgary in 2022 will help you narrow down your choices.

1. Premiere Used Office Furniture

The largest distributor and mover of used but still usable office furniture in Calgary is Premiere Office Furniture. This business is a unit of the larger Premiere Group of Companies, which focuses on office moves.

By recycling the furniture they are moving, Premiere seeks to reduce trash. Premiere Source Office Furniture  Calgary offers pre-owned furniture for sale at discounted rates.

To ensure that their products have the proper measurements and feel, they have a number of warehouses you may check out. Our Q-Furniture – Sun In Your House has dividers, chairs, desks, tables, and cabinets in its inventory.

Premiere Office Furniture will handle the delivery arrangements if you make a purchase from them. Just make sure to plan it for the weekdays!

Premiere Used Office Furniture

Highlights of Office Furniture

  • Used office equipment.
  • Services for setup and delivery.
  • Membership in a multinational corporation.
  • Ecologically sound solutions.

Customer Reviews About Us

These reviews will disprove your belief that Premiere will only offer a limited range of possibilities because they only sell secondhand furniture.

“Purchased an adjustable desk, which was just what I wanted at a wonderful price. Neil was really helpful and pleasant.” — Avery Johnson

“The warehouse and exhibit space are quite clean and well-kept. Neil helped us find what we were looking for with patience and courtesy. Very strongly advised.” — David Choy

2. Q-Furniture – Sun In Your House

​​Q-Furniture is the best option for you if you have concerns about the security and caliber of wooden and concrete furniture products. With 11 years of expertise in the manufacture and direct export of concrete furniture, Q-Furniture is an industrial company in Vietnam. The business has gained notoriety since 2010 for its affordable prices while continuing to produce the most amazing goods.

Q-Furniture will advance greatly with innovations and creativity and establish itself as a leader in the production, distribution, and export of high-quality goods thanks to its wealth of experience and team of highly motivated and skilled employees. Products made of concrete.

Q-Furniture - Sun In Your House

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Highlights About Q-Furniture

Q-Furniture will advance greatly with innovations and creativity and establish itself as a leader in the production, distribution, and export of high-quality goods thanks to its wealth of experience and team of highly motivated and skilled employees. Products made of concrete.

To improve operations, minimize setup times, do regular work, and help eliminate waste, they employ a lean approach and environmentally friendly materials.

Customer Reviews

Along with its extensive selection of products and services, Q-Furniture takes great pride in its outstanding level of customer service. After reading these reviews, you’ll be convinced that Q-Furniture is the best choice for you.

“Store layout makes our shopping much easier as we can now go directly to the product area that we are requiring. Easy to stroll and enjoy on occasion. We have been happy with all of our purchases from Q-Furniture. Store services have been helpful and informative. Pleasant helpful staff. If a product has required some assembly it has been well explained and simple. We enjoy our Q-Furniture experiences.” — Hayley R

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3. Choice of Office Furniture

You have the choice of purchasing either new or secondhand office furniture from Choice Office Furniture. Everything is available there, from modest ergonomic items to substantial architectural products.

The choice now collaborates with 22 furniture manufacturers. However, in addition to being high-quality items, what makes their products the greatest source office furniture Calgary is that they are created locally.

Through their distinctive lease financing payment system, you can buy their products. Additionally, Choice has expertise in project management, floor planning, and furniture repair and maintenance.

Choice Office Furniture

Highlights About Choice

  • Locally produced office furnishings.
  • Office space project management and floor planning.
  • Installation, upkeep, and repairs.
  • Lease financing is a unique means of payment.

Customer Reviews About Choice Office Furniture

Choice takes great satisfaction in their superior level of customer service in addition to their wide range of offerings. You’ll be persuaded after reading these evaluations that Choice Office Furniture is the finest option for you!

“With a mixed area for individual workstations and small group discussions, our school had to get inventive. We were able to set up a perfect area that is both pleasant and functional thanks to Choice’s wise suggestions. The ‘Collabatorium’ room’s genuine worth comes from the variety of staff members who frequently use it. Choice’s recommendations and the superior quality of its items have added incredible value to this shared environment.” — Gary Sylven

“We are in love with the furniture we purchased from Choice. Clint spent the time to assist us in choosing furniture that complemented our logo and aesthetic. To measure and produce graphics displaying the placement of our furniture in each space, use Autocad. Very competent, and it is clear from the outcome that Clint, the owner, genuinely cares about his customers. For your office furniture needs, Choice comes highly recommended.” — Jonathan Blyth

4. Source Office Furnishings – Calgary

The greatest source office furniture Calgary and even other Canadian locations are delivered by Source Office Furnishings. This business is a significant distributor of office furniture in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

You may also sign up for their VIP membership to benefit from things like furniture giveaways and real-time inventory updates.

Source ensures the functionality and ergonomics of its goods through its network of over 23 manufacturing partners. Within the first 30 days of your purchase, you may return any items that you decide are unsuitable for your office.

In order to help you improve your workspace, Source also has professionals for office planning, furniture installation, and fixture installation.

Source Office Furnishings – Calgary

Highlights about Source

  • Membership advantages.
  • Interstate connections.
  • Services for installation and delivery.
  • Product and service warranties.

Customer Reviews of Source

The team at Source is extremely informed and supportive, so their items are not their sole strong suit. These reviews can serve as your guide.

“Nicole was a highly competent salesperson. She demonstrated many office chair options for me and outlined each chair’s features in great detail. You receive more guarantee and good quality for a price that is far better than those offered by competitors like Best Buy, Amazon, Memory Express, etc.” — Stroka Borisov

“I got a quick answer to Corey’s questions, and now I have a nice chair for my current work-from-home situation. Whew! Thanks a lot!” — Heidi Clitheroe

5. CDI Spaces

The best source office furniture Calgary isn’t all that CDI Spaces has to offer; they also provide complete office makeover services.

They offer answers to institutions of government, education, and industry. You may be confident that they will produce the best ergonomic designs for your company because of their meticulous process.

For open offices, private offices, cafes, modular spaces, and meeting rooms, CDI Spaces may offer services and furniture. In addition to designing workspaces, they also sell pre-made goods.

CDI Spaces

Highlights of CDI Spaces

  • Tailored workspaces.
  • Familiarity with governmental, educational, and commercial spaces.
  • Walls, floors, and furnishings.

Customer Reviews About Them

These customer testimonials can assist you in making up your decision if you’re still on the fence about purchasing your office furniture from CDI Spaces.

“It has been a pleasure working with CDI. They have been quite accommodating in their efforts to provide my school with both the products and prices it requires. Their warranty and post-purchase support are fantastic.” — Cole Lenox

“CDI was very understanding of my needs. They are willing to order the legs and come replace them for us at no cost because I ordered some tables with the height of the legs wrong. Outstanding client service!” — Pamela Hogberg

6. XLNC Furniture

Mattresses, dining room sets, and outdoor home decorations are just a few of the items that XLNC Furniture specializes in for the house. They have been offering Albertans cheap furniture and high-quality services since 2013.

They can give you the greatest source office furniture  Calgary for your home office because they are experts at turning your property into a livable area.

They sell home office sets as well as individual furniture pieces including seats, desks, and bookcases. Their office supplies will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

XLNC Furniture

XLNC Furniture’s Best Features

  • Home office equipment
  • Reduced prices
  • Services for funding and delivery

XLNC Furniture Customer Testimonials

These evaluations of XLNC will support the company’s assertions that it is one of Calgary’s top furniture retailers.

“Excellent furniture quality and customer service! Last week, I visited in search of two seats for my office. I work for a nonprofit organization, and our funding was limited. Bernie in particular was quite helpful in helping me choose some seats while staying within my price range. There was a next-day delivery option! In the future, if I need furniture for my business or house, I will without a doubt return!” — Alina Rothman

“I recently visited this business. Bernie provides outstanding customer service. provided us with the furniture we desired at a fair price. We wholeheartedly advise visiting this store if you’re looking for furniture.” — Alan Gabriel Tolentino

7. Heritage Business Interiors Inc.

HBI Calgary is a family-run company that was founded in 1987 and has a reputation for providing top-notch goods and services. Their creations are renowned for enhancing surroundings while maintaining utility.

With over 30 manufacturers as partners, they are certain you will be able to discover the ideal item for your environment. They are a group of very capable and experienced individuals who can assist you in achieving even the most challenging project objectives.

Heritage Business Interiors Inc.

Highlights For HBI 

  • Attractive choices
  • Friendly personnel
  • Cutting-edge technologies

Customer Feedback Regarding HBI

Here is a testimonial from a patron of Heritage Business Interiors Inc.

“For several of our nationwide locations, Kelly C. and the team at HBI have consistently delivered high-quality Haworth systems furniture. For business customers, HBI has a strong offering, from assistance with product selection through post-installation follow-up on any issues.” — Kayhan

Here’s one more:

“Great location, helpful staff that helps with all of your needs for office and home furnishings.” — Ashley Neufeld

What are you waiting for now that you are aware of Calgary’s best furniture stores? Give these companies a call, buy the top office furniture in Calgary, and boost output and efficiency at your business!

Getting the top flooring services in Calgary is another approach to personalizing your workplace space. For your company, these services will undoubtedly be a fantastic investment.

About Source Office Furniture Calgary.

About Source Office Furniture Calgary: A few of our employees—including myself—talked about how wonderful your installers are and how they went above and beyond to assist us in moving things along. and suggest the kind of furnishings that will work best in the room. They are competent, cordial, and efficient in their work. They are a great asset to Source and deserve praise for their professionalism, in our opinion. Once more, many thanks.

Colleen Reardon, North Okanagan Area

About Source Office Furniture Calgary.

Largest in-stock selection of source office furniture Calgary in Alberta

The greatest inventory of office furniture in Alberta is available in our warehouse and showroom in Calgary. All of our products are delivered to you with the certainty that your pleasure is assured, are covered by comprehensive manufacturer warranties, and are backed by our low-price promise.

Our sales representatives are skilled at determining your needs, working within your budget, and creating the best office solution for you, whether you work from home or in a corporate setting. Experts in workplace design, space planning, and ergonomics make up our sales consultants.

Proudly providing office solutions and furniture in

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Encourage customers to explore the store in search of their preferred brands. Allow customers to quickly find the things they want by allowing them to filter products by trademarks.

  • Performance

Performance office supplies encourage toughness, comfort, style, and refinement while increasing productivity in any environment. Explore our simple, long-lasting Classic Collection, which is sure to fit any workplace design, or our clean, angular Elements Plus Collection, which adds a remarkable flair to any workspace.

  • HON

HON’s inspired vision and innovative, forward-thinking designs may improve your workspace. Office furniture made by HON’s award-winning designers and engineers is unique, dynamic, comfortable, and ergonomically designed for your business.

  • Logiflex

Logiflex office solutions provide flexible designs that may be customized to meet the demands of every customer. Office reception, seating, and storage products come in a broad variety, and they all stand out for their stylish, modern, and flexible design.

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