Round Concrete Coffee Table – Interior Trends Of A Modern House

February 24, 20220

Concrete furniture is a design trend that adds minimalism to the home without sacrificing elegance. Concrete is a long-lasting and versatile material for interior design. A round concrete coffee table will not only serve to improve the room’s aesthetics, but it will also boost its own beauty. 

The novelty and high applicability of concrete table

People frequently associate concrete furniture with being “heavy” and difficult to adorn in the home. However, they have recently become the emblem of a sumptuous environment, classic but not less refined, and they are also far more adaptable and durable than other materials on the market.

Round Concrete Coffee Table or round coffee table sets with strong design, solid lines from concrete are the perfect choices for contemporary design style. help your house become extremely elegant and also extremely suitable when combined with furniture of different materials such as wood, stainless steel or metal. The advantage of concrete material is its extremely good durability. Concrete furniture can be shaped into any shape and decorated with a wide range of patterns, textures, colors, and expressions. Concrete is one of the most versatile materials for furniture, aesthetics, and design because it combines strength, rigidity, and comfort of shape. The polished concrete interior is made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete with colored aggregate, which is then polished by hand or machine into a variety of modern and basic finishes. Simple and full of art. 

concrete coffee table

It is true that concrete furniture constructed of cement will be less expensive than comparable furniture made of other materials, saving money while maintaining good aesthetics. Furniture and objects will also last longer, be more sturdy, and be less damaged. Concrete furniture is also more environmentally safe and non-toxic to humans because it is constructed of cement, stone powder, and natural aggregates. 

All concrete furniture goods are treated with hardener chemicals during the production process, making the concrete surface harder, denser, and stronger, as well as improving the interior structure of the piece. It’s also coated with a layer of surface protection chemicals, which helps to prevent water absorption and prevents the material from cracking at the surface. Ground concrete furniture goods, whether used indoors or outdoors, are incredibly durable and difficult to damage or deteriorate after many years of usage, thanks to contemporary building techniques and years of experience.

Q-Furniture – Concrete Manufacturer In Vietnam

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Our company’s products are mostly exported to various nations, in addition to meeting domestic demand. We are a recognized interior products brand with many years of experience. Bringing a design into close proximity, creating a liberal and serious space.

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