Round Concrete Coffee Table – Advantages That You Must Know

June 17, 20220

Garden space is a location that is loved by many customers. Choosing round coffee table sets is a matter of careful selection. Not only brings aesthetics but also creates a sense of comfort for the user. So let’s explore some advantages of a round concrete coffee table with Q-Furniture.

About Round Concrete Coffee Table

Round concrete coffee table is a type of table made of concrete material. The material is known to be sturdy and durable when used. Product size is 1100*1100*500. Although the main material is concrete, it is not too heavy and easy to move.

The outside is covered with a protective gloss so it is easy to clean. No scratches with long-term use. Because the product is made of concrete, it can withstand any weather such as hot sun or showers. Round concrete coffee table has a unique and novel design. The material is very suitable for decorating indoor or outdoor spaces.

round concrete coffee table

n addition, Q-Furniture also has several other types of concrete outdoor tables. Designed differently to suit each customer’s needs.

3 Advantages Of Round Concrete Coffee Table

Round coffee table sets are very popular in design. Especially used to decorate the outside space of the house. So let’s find out the advantages below

High aesthetics

  • In recent times, furniture made of concrete is widely popular in many countries around the world. Because they are designed rustic, simple. Possessing cold colors, it is easy to move to decorate many places in the house.
  • Because of its simple design, it is easy to move and clean. Therefore, most outdoor tables can meet most of the needs of customers. As a result, these products always satisfy the most demanding customers

Durable, convenient and easy to use

  • The main material is made from concrete. So it always feels solid, not easily scratched when hit hard. In addition, it can also be exposed to many types of weather. Very high durability.
  • Round concrete coffee table is constructed in a circular shape. Always create a feeling of closeness and intimacy with all family members. Help everyone in the family sit and drink tea, relax and enjoy the natural atmosphere.
  • Therefore, the product is always designed to be compact, easy to move from inside or outside the house. In addition, cleaning is also very easy.

Many sizes to choose from

  • To fit many large or small spaces (depending on the size of the space). Concrete outdoor tables are designed into many different sizes, depending on the needs of customers to choose.

Concrete coffee table:  It can be combined with wicker, teak, or concrete sofa sets. Give your living room a modern look.

concrete coffee table

Morden concrete round: A table with a simple design but not unappealing that can be used in any space in the house. Suitable for indoor or outdoor areas. An ideal table to place in the living room or outside in the garden to enjoy a cup of coffee.

morden concrete round

Concrete side tables: are often combined with tables and chairs in the living room. It helps to fill up the space and increase the aesthetics of the room. Unique and unmistakable design, elegant colors such as gray and white are extremely easy to combine with other interiors.

concrete side tables

Round coffee table sets have many advantages. This is the best and most outstanding choice for your space.


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