Q-Furniture: Where To Buy Concrete Planters From Great Manufacturers

March 25, 20220

Choosing an operation to be partnered with is not easy. But, building collaboration in the Vietnam market is not a bad idea. As you may research, Vietnam has surpassed China as the largest furniture exporter to the United States, according to data published in the American magazine Furniture Today. Moreover, if you are considering Where To Buy Concrete Planters In Vietnam, Q-Furniture is the best choice for you. WHY? Let’s figure out why I surely recommend it for you.

where to buy concrete planters in vietnam

OEM/ODM Services

It sucks to always serve customers old-fashion furniture? Of course! Every business constantly desires to update its products and I see  YOU are not an exception. Moreover, many product styles are available in the worldwide market but you want to be unique in terms of the concrete furniture niche, then you decide to have your own drawing. That’s such a perfect goal! So, because we’ve counted your intention, that’s why Q-Furniture provides OEM service and it means that we can satisfy all of your designs.

However, maybe you are stuck in creating models and need a partner who can help you to finish completely from the design to the production. ODM service in Q-Furniture is used to assist whenever you require.

High-Quality Commitment

Q-Furniture’s operating for 11 experienced years and penetrating into 4 big markets around the world. I don’t want to talk more about quality because numbers always tell the truth. To survive robustly in this furniture market, Q-Furniture has to present high-quality products in competition with several other Vietnamese furniture manufacturers. To let you know more,  our two outstanding lines of our products are Large Concrete Pots For Sale and Concrete Top Dining Table Australia.

Competitive Price

Go after the quality is definitely the price – the top two concerns of every establishment. As you’re flowing into the Vietnamese market then I’m 100% sure you take a lot of considerations in prices, don’t you? In fact, the seller always wants the products at an elevated amount; on the contrary, the buyer does the best to negotiate to reach the lowest cost. But where is the value? Do they study much on value? If you are collaborating with another manufacturer and they decisively offer you the ideal price you’ve ever had, then take a close look at your clients’ comments or ask them how satisfied they are, then you’ll know what I mean.

where to buy concrete planters in vietnam

In Q-Furniture, we don’t guarantee that we will approach your price level but the competitive price at the product’s value. If you get what I mean, Contact us to get to know more about Concrete Planters For Sale or other Concrete Furniture Products For Sale in general.

200+ Worldwide Clients

As I said earlier, Q-Furniture has been serving the  4 toughest markets in the world in concrete furniture; including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands. If you’re into what business we’re operating with, Check out here to have a look.

You know, We are still on a mission to expand and conquer new markets around the world, despite our nonstop efforts.

SGS Certification

First, SGS is the largest inspection, verification, testing, and certification company in the world. SGS is regarded as the gold standard for quality and integrity around the world. And, We’ve been through a series of multiple evaluations, including frost resistance, weather shock, water leaking, and numerous other aspects of testing. Therefore, Q-Furniture is absolutely worth working with.


Are you still looking for Where To Buy Concrete Planters? Don’t hesitate to contact via LinkedIn. We definitely don’t let you down.


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