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April 14, 20220

Have you ever wondered about having to choose a table with a design and size that matches the elegance of the house you are living in? Please visit our company – Q-Furniture – which presents you with gorgeous tables that are more than just a monotonous item. Each table manufactured by Q-Furniture has its own spirit, it’s like an artist that makes your home’s design drawings softer and more attractive like a melody. With a not-too-rough form, it is precisely and gently treated, and it is coupled with strong concrete that can endure rain and wind. Our Q-Furniture products assure you that, whether you place them in the yard or indoors, they will always shine and leave visitors in awe with their elegance.

Q-Furniture – Offers great aesthetics

There is no doubt that the concrete table has spread the word about its attractiveness all over the world, and its success has caused threats for other tables such as hardwood tables and glass tables. As a result, there are more and more concrete table products on the market, but it is extremely difficult to own one that is both high quality and affordable. But now, at Q-Furniture, all your problems are solved within seconds. Q-Furniture Suggest The Perfect Table For Your Home

Our company provides a variety of concrete table products with quality that is rigorously tested according to international standards. The living room table (such as the concrete console table) and the concrete outdoor dining table are two of our most popular table styles.

Concrete Table – The wonderful spotlights for your house and garden

The console table model which is made from concrete has a variety of designs such as semicircular, rectangular, or kneeling. The concrete console table’s size is compact so it doesn’t take up too much space, usually 80-100cm high. To ensure the aesthetics and structure of the house, we designed the table with an elegant shape, the size is not too big, and it fits the space of the living room. The gray table with neutral colors is easy to use, both helping to highlight the main color of the home space and creating a friendly and rustic atmosphere. The concrete console table is more than just an inert table; it is also a product that reflects the owner’s personality, style, and artistic attitude.

Q-Furniture Suggest The Perfect Table For Your Home

Contrary to the design table specifically for the living room, coming to the concrete table for the outdoor space, which is called concrete outdoor dining table. We design them in a stronger, more dynamic design and also larger in size. This design is not only intended to display products outside, but we also want to emphasize the message that the concrete table is a sturdy material that will help your family spend more time together, organize celebratory parties on important occasions, and contribute to a close and lasting relationship between you and your family over time. With Q-Furniture, you don’t have to worry about your table becoming moldy quickly because we make them with high-quality waterproof materials, so the weather isn’t an issue. Q-Furniture Concrete outdoor dining table will always be the best partner to make your backyard garden more delicate and enchanting.

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