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April 1, 20220

Concrete is the most used man-made material in the world. It is used more often than wood, steel, and other building materials. Concrete materials are everywhere. It’s cheap and versatile. No wonder most projects make good use of it. In residential design projects, concrete is often not used much. However, homeowners are starting to embrace the raw beauty of concrete walls in various applications.  Q-furniture manufacturer understands that taste, our business has stood firmly in the concrete production market with many unique and diverse designs to suit all decorative needs of customers.

Break the boring style with concrete furniture

The concrete furniture used to be controversial with a design that was considered too simple and difficult to apply to the house. Concrete furniture has recently become a great choice for the design industry and the world, as minimalist design trends have taken over, bringing a modern and luxurious feel. Concrete has long been a versatile material, with a sustainable structure. Architects are increasingly using concrete in the design and construction of buildings. Decorative concrete is increasingly gaining a foothold and receiving support from designers, architects to apartment owners.

q-furniture manufacturer with 11 years of building absolute trust

Concrete interiors can look dramatic. It is a unique novel decoration technique. Most people consider concrete to be a rough, cold, and harsh material. With the treatment, decorative concrete is comparable to the luxury of other materials.  Concrete’s distinct properties lend themselves well to room decoration. Concrete is the ideal material for quickly creating tables, chairs, decorative lights, tubs bathroom, polished concrete lavabo, kitchen island, honed concrete wall, kitchen island, etc. with the talented hands of a concrete interior worker.

The reasons you should choose Q-furniture manufacturer

Many people believe that concrete is unsuitable for creating modern, attractive, and sophisticated furniture for their homes, restaurants, and hotels… With the trend of using concrete as a new type of interior construction material, many interior designers and artists have abandoned wood and other traditional materials to bring unique stylistic trends to interior and exterior spaces.

Under the hands of the concrete planter in the factory, the sets of tables, chairs, sinks,.. were born with many diverse and unique designs, which offer many choices even for the most demanding customers. 

q-furniture manufacturer with 11 years of building absolute trust

Concrete furniture has any shape with a wide range of patterns, textures, colors, and expressions. It is the most adaptable material for furniture, with a combination of strength, stiffness, and shape comfort. The concrete interior is also less expensive and has an extremely long lifespan. It is difficult to damage or degrade after many years of use and whether indoors or outdoors.

Aggregates in concrete interiors have many types. Such aggregates create impressively unique surfaces, enhancing aesthetic and artistic qualities. Fiberglass-reinforced lightweight concrete is lighter and has good sound insulation. Our concrete furniture products are very durable and eye-catching, making a strong impression and attractive. Crafted with modern construction techniques. Q-Furniture is a leading concrete furniture factory with many years of experience. Our company export products to European and American countries.

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