Q-furniture Factory – A Bold Step Of Concrete Furniture Trend

January 11, 20220

In the interior design and homeware business, each season provides new trends and possibilities, similar to the clothes industry. While earlier trends included flashes of color and experimenting with various types of woods and stones, this year’s trend has taken a bold step by using concrete in all parts of house design once again. Q-Furniture is a well-known Vietnamese manufacturer of concrete furniture, terrazzo, and decorative concrete, with many skilled craftspeople who have been working in the industry for many years. Q-Furniture Factory specializes in decorative concrete, kitchen worktops, dining tables, lavabo, washbasins, and bathtubs made of concrete or terrazzo in a range of patterns. From modern, youthful, and graceful designs to classic, minimalist, and rustic styles, and so on.

Q-furniture Factory – Concrete Furniture Requires A High Level Of Adaptability

All excellent trends die if they don’t have an aesthetically pleasing touch, and this one is no exception.
Concrete furniture looks amazing on its own and in combination with its surroundings, thanks to its remarkable utility and versatility. And it’s precisely because of this that it’s such a fan favorite in Australia.

Q-furniture Factory - A Bold Step Of Concrete Furniture Trend
A Bold Step Of Concrete Furniture Trend

Furthermore, the grey color palette and urban atmosphere are having a big impact on the business now. There are several methods to bring an outmoded space to the forefront utilizing these patterns, creating a natural feel with the benefit of fitting in with other accents and features. Concrete, on the other hand, is a modest, yet sophisticated material that successfully provides texture to a space that is lacking in ‘oomph.’ Concrete may also be used to create a focal point in space and highlight things that are important to the overall style.

Practicality and functionality

We’d be willing to bet that concrete is one of the greatest examples of useful building material. Its solid base gives it a simple and long-lasting structure to deal with. Aside from that, its sturdiness and resistance construction keep heat out while keeping moisture in – something that most materials are unable to achieve. And, to top it all off, it’s eco-friendly and built to endure a lifetime (we’re talking thousands of years).

Endless Concrete Design

Concrete’s greatest distinguishing trait is the wide range of goods it can create. When glancing around a house, you’ll notice that most materials can only be utilized for one or two things. Marble, for example, is commonly used for worktops, whereas ceramic is utilized for tiling. Concrete, on the other hand, maybe used for everything from tabletops to floors, walls, sinks, and more. It has no bounds, and we are proud of that.

Q-furniture Factory - A Bold Step Of Concrete Furniture Trend
Endless Concrete Design

Incorporating industrialism

The days of a plethora of rugs and brilliant splashes of color are long gone. Industrialism, with extra edginess and warehouse-like feelings, is currently all the rage in interior design. Along with furniture, you’ll find a lot of workplaces and residences sprucing up their interiors with concrete flooring and walls to achieve this rustic-styled look. Adding concrete-made furniture is the best (and cheapest) option to duplicate this appearance and feel for people who do not want to fully redo their home.

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