Q-Furniture – Caring For Your Space With Our Best Concrete Top Dining Table

January 13, 20220


Q-Furniture is a concrete furniture manufacturer and direct exporter established in Vietnam with 11 years of experience in the industry. We provide a wide range of furniture made of cement and terrazzo. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our company also combines diverse elements (wood, steel) with concrete.

The Definition Of modernity: Q-Furniture Concrete Furniture

 Q-Furniture Caring For Your Space With Our Concrete Top Dining Table

When it comes to concrete, people might think of such a material as cold, heavy, and bulky items. But with Q-Furniture‘s advanced technology, we design the most lightweight and delicate shape but still ensure the strong texture of the furniture.

With the rise of minimalist style, cement-based products have conquered the industry. Because of their well-known longevity, flexible and rustic characteristics. These features help them complement other materials such as wood, creating a harmonious space. In addition, the appearance of concrete items also brings aesthetic pleasingness for both interior and exterior styles.

In regard to Q-Furniture top item – concrete dining table, we embrace every corner of people’s home with elegance and modernity. Because of the adaptability of the product, it can be used in several ways. The table might be a main character in the kitchen or dining room. Or in some cases, it can appear as an industrial touch in a garden.

Q-Furniture Concrete Dining Table – Reasons To Buy From Us

 QFurniture Caring For Your Space With Our Concrete Top Dining Table

Q-Furniture not only offers a variety of product options, but we also ensure the quality by doing business for more than a decade. Regarding concrete dining table only, the product stands out as our best item:

Physical features

We reduce the weight of tables as much as possible by making them with pure lightweight concrete. Therefore they are not heavy as they may seem. In addition, all the tables are concretely polished so that they have a moderate glossy surface. This is done by a sophisticated process to make sure the tables are easy to clean. Still, they also have light natural roughness to maintain the distinct characteristic of concrete. On top of that, we guarantee this product line will be: extremely durable, reinforcement, waterproof, stain proof, and good weather resistance.


Q-Funiture is proud of its programmed process and automated devices. By using such technology solely at the bottom line, we can provide the wanted amount of concrete dining table at the fastest speed at a reasonable price. Nanotechnology is also applied in the Q-Furniture factory to make sure our concrete dining tables are high-quality. All the tables are done precisely with the legs and the surface is attached securely. Along with cutting-edge mechanical devices, our top furniture artisans are in the manufacturing process. These are all to ensure the final products are well-proportioned and precise. 

Global standards

Standing in the industry for 11 years. Exporting to 4 countries, including the USA, Australia, England, Netherland, with more than 200 clients are evidence proving our reputation. The concrete table as well as other Q-Furniture products have to stay qualified to meet the exporting requirements and satisfy business customers from all over the world.


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