Concrete Table And Chairs – Concrete Dining Set


  • Product Dimensions:      35.5″D x 35.5″W x 29.75″H
  • Item Code:                           Q-ST0002
  • Room Type:                         Dining Room, Garden, living room,…
  • Color:                                     Gray
  • Shape:                                   Rectangular
  • Style:                                     Contemporary
  • Material:                              Concrete


  • Sleek. Slick. Stylish. Get ready for the rock’n’roll of concrete dining sets with our Concrete Table And Chairs made concrete.
  • This is a collection that speaks to contemporary living; clean lines, stylish and functional. Whether it is for your garden or for a business, such as a café or a restaurant, we can assure you that you will make an impact with the Concrete Table with 8 Chairs.
  • This set also is a phenomenal indoor set – imagine the conference room in your office made infinitely cooler with this state-of-the-art table and chair set. Or maybe you are going for eclectic indoors? Put this sharp set on your beautiful carpet on top of varnished wooden floors… just breathtaking.
  • The Concrete Table with 8 Chairs dining set looks amazing in contemporary apartment settings. Envision a brick wall on one side, concrete on the other, a few structured concrete planters bear soft green money plants, and amid all this diffused industrial setting is this glamorous Concrete Table with 8 Chairs dining set laden with olive branches for decoration, cheese plates and a bottle of your favorite red wine.
  • The Concrete Table with 8 Alix Chairs is a wonderful dining set for use inside and out. Bring contemporary living to your home, and enjoy this terrific set.