Concrete Table And Benches – Outdoor Dining Set


  • Product Dimensions:     2000*1000*760
  • Item Code:                           Q-ST0007
  • Room Type:                         Dining Room, Garden, living room, Outdoor…
  • Color:                                     Gray
  • Shape:                                   Rectangular
  • Style:                                     Modern
  • Material:                              Concrete


This concrete table and bench set will be an excellent avenue to express your stylistic endeavors, while still providing for the simplest of furniture needs: a place to enjoy good food and good company. The smooth finish completes the finished aspect of this concrete table and bench set; the raw concrete color contributes a unique look to your overall décor.

The stunning, but simple design of this concrete table and bench set is an excellent way to incorporate more stylistic flair into an area with a lot of earth tones or greens. Accent pieces on top of this smooth table surface really pop and give clarity and presence to colorful pieces.

Because this piece is made for the outdoors, you can rest assured it is built to handle all types of weather and remain great looking. This piece is made for bold inclusion into just about any setting and you’ll be sure to get plenty of comments from friends on this concrete table and bench set.