Concrete Stool – White Chair – 3D Model


  • Product Dimensions:  380*380*510
  • Item Code:                        Q-S0003
  • Room Type:                     Living room or Outdoor
  • Color:                                 White
  • Shape:                               3D Model
  • Style:                                     Modern
  • Frame Material:              Concrete
  • Top Material Type:           Concrete


  • Designs with unique 3D shapes, are not too monotonous but still highlight the space where you display them.

  • Concrete furniture is making a comeback, much to the delight of minimalist design enthusiasts.

  • The interior space of the stool is combined with a steel and fiber frame, making it slightly lighter than other solid concrete products.
  • Concrete is a very popular product these days, and the aesthetic of design has been greatly utilized with raw materials in recent years.