Concrete Stool – Concrete 3D Model – Side Table


  • Product Dimensions: 406*406*483
  • Item Code:                        Q-S0004
  • Room Type:                     Living room or Outdoor
  • Color:                                 White
  • Shape:                              3D Model
  • Style:                                     Modern
  • Frame Material:              Concrete
  • Top Material Type:           Concrete


  • The products, which are handcrafted and finished, are made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete and appear to be monolithic objects. “Concrete stools are a combination of smooth and rough, heavy and soft properties.”
  • Because of this material innovation, concrete stool products are more fragile and lighter than usual, but with a high bearing capacity.
  • Concrete stools come in a variety of sizes to meet a variety of needs.