Pool Decks Concrete – The Best Materials For Pool Design

August 6, 20220

Why Pool Decks Concrete is The Best Materials?

Most modern homes today are equipped with a private pool. Therefore, designers should choose which pool decks concrete to achieve the best safety and aesthetics for broken pools. The most important requirements of these first consultants are with a sample design.  However, selected materials will save costs and create eye-catching details for the hot pool – relaxing and entertaining the members. pellets in the house. Let’s find out through the article below.

Pool Decks Concrete is The Best Materials to Use Around a Pool

When choosing materials to design for your pool, factors such as budget, safety, maintenance or the influence of natural external factors are of the utmost concern and consideration. Understanding these issues, Q-Furniture – a company specializing in providing solutions and consulting for concrete designs always has concrete materials available to provide for your projects. Although outdoor concrete is not the only solution to the problem. It is nevertheless considered one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing materials in construction.

Which Material Is Best To Use Around A Pool?

Avoiding Slippage

Friction is considered a particularly important factor on the surface of the pool, so concrete designs with a certain roughness are always a top priority. The surface of pool deck concrete is more clearly improved with anti-slip properties when encountering water. This is a factor that brick or granite cannot overcome. Concrete walls are also designed around or even as vertical pillars to increase the aesthetics of the lake’s advertising frame.

Reflectivity Of Heat

Dark-colored tiles or granite often absorb high heat but are poor at dissipating heat. This makes us feel very hot when walking barefoot in direct contact with the stone surface. Pool decks concrete floor designs with light gray white color, and rough ribbed surface are the first choice. You do not want your feet to be burned when getting out of the pool.

Save Money

The actual cost that the investor has to pay. When designing a personal swimming pool paved with marble or tile is very high. Because small details need to be put together meticulously. However, the solutions that Q-Furniture offers provide significant cost savings. Simply the floors are poured with a layer of concrete of the right thickness. More aesthetic when the surface of the modern concrete outdoor furniture is flat or can be sprinkled with a few pebbles to increase the feeling of footsteps.

Optional Designs

Only concrete gives you many choices according to your taste. Guaranteed all kinds of shapes, colors to surface treatments. Typically outdoor concrete furniture such as concrete 3D models, and concrete benches. You can also mix decorative treatments, such as combining stained concrete with a stenciled, imprinted border or enhancing a colored overlay with sawcut or embroidered patterns.

Simple Maintenance

All Q-Furniture concrete materials are extremely durable and long-lasting. Compared to scrubbing floors made of tile or granite, concrete pool decks are covered with a certain gloss that makes cleaning easier and faster than other materials. The most obvious is that you have to maintain the joints between the bricks together instead of just one scrubbing to clean the concrete surface.

Avoiding Slippage

A Decorative Concrete Pool Deck’s Finish Option

Only decorative concrete can fulfill all the elements you desire for a complete swimming pool in terms of color, shape, and size. From a smooth concrete surface to rugged stairs that increase foot grip, or more advanced models designed like roof tiles. A pool deck concrete in the same color as the house will add a high level of artistry and get more attention.

A Decorative Concrete Pool Deck's Finish Option

Other Surface Options For Pool Decks

If the simple concrete design is too monotonous and boring, replace it by designing to resemble natural stone, rough stone, or slate. Concrete blocks are designed to look like real stones but are easier to move and put together than bricks. In addition, Q-Furniture allows users to place concrete outdoor furniture around the pool as static decorations, increasing aesthetics and convenience for interesting pool parties.

Other Surface Options For Pool Decks


The most common methods of coloring on concrete steel are chemical stains, integral color, and dry-shake hardeners. For the pool deck, light-colored flat panels are especially noticeable. Because they produce harmful rays of light that are harmful to human health. These states were joined together by applying a dry-shake color hardener or stain to the exposed concrete before stencil removal. It’s as simple as that for modern concrete outdoor furniture.



In order to have the desired swimming pool, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the area, design, and construction materials. One of the most popular modern materials today is the swimming pool natural stone. Which is most often used as a paving stone for swimming pools and the area around the pool. Natural stone is a high-class material that offers superior advantages over other conventional bricks and stones. Not only durable at the same time, but when used in swimming pool projects, natural stone also increases the aesthetics, very suitable for bringing the desired space to homeowners, even those who are fastidious.


Today, concrete pool decks are not only designed and built for the spaces of hotels, villas, and amusement parks but are also increasingly widely applied to households. Our Q-Furniture always receives consultation, design, and construction of quality concrete works. Contact for support via LinkedIn.

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