Place To Put Concrete Pots For Sale Indoor Good Following Feng Shui

April 5, 20220

Not everyone understands the value of trees as well as feng shui bonsai to be able to rationally and scientifically arrange concrete pots for sale in the house to most effectively promote their effects. There are places where homeowners can arrange ornamental flowers according to their senses, but there are also places where it is imperative to choose carefully both types, colors, sizes … bonsai pots to avoid causing any effect. reverse. In this article, Q-Furniture will suggest some suitable locations and types of bonsai for home decoration.

Place To Put Concrete Pots For Sale Indoor Good For Feng Shui

Main gate – concrete garden furniture for sale

Place To Put Concrete Pots For Sale Indoor Good For Feng Shui

The main door of the house is the face that shows the style and personality of the owner, and this is also the place to receive the main energy flows of the house. Therefore, choosing ornamental plants to decorate in a righteous place needs careful consideration and study, to avoid creating conditions for bringing bad energy into the indoor space.

If the door is made of wood, the homeowner should choose large, straight, cylindrical ornamental plants placed on both sides to create balance and strengthen the Wood element, because Wood represents spring, growth and development. develop. This prolific Wood energy grows, nourishes and softens, thus enlivening and attracting the home.

If the door is made of metal, the homeowner should choose ornamental plants that are flexible, have small leaves and are luxuriant, symbolizing the element of water, swimming when the door is made of metal, the metal element will dominate, while the element metal will be the statue. represents autumn and strength. However, if Kim is too much, it can be destructive and depressing. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the element of Water to create balance and harmony to receive positive energy flows for the house.

Entrance to the house

You can plant small ornamental plants along the entryway or simply place two potted plants on either side of the door. The most suitable trees to grow in this area are bamboo, bamboo, lemon, apple… South direction is especially suitable for planting trees.

Wood element should be carefully considered: Absolutely do not plant large trees with wide canopy; Planting too many trees alone is not good either; Do not place trees in the West, Southwest and keep away from trees such as mulberry trees, poplars, willows, cypresses, banyans as well as other types of trees with yin…As a starting point, the main door is always is an important area that anyone should pay attention to because it represents the appearance of the house. This is the place where you welcome guests, where the wind blows and good things come to your family, but it is the place where the houseplants are often forgotten.

Living room – concrete dining table for sale

Place To Put Concrete Pots For Sale Indoor Good For Feng Shui

The living room is the place that shows almost the entire appearance and aesthetics of the house and the style and lifestyle of the owner, is a location that attracts fortune, so it is very suitable for many different types of plants. In particular, because the element of money is focused in the living room, the ornamental plants on the table have lucky names such as honeysuckle, rich tree, lucky flower, jade tree, money tree, ivy … very popular. Not to mention, you also have to impress your guests and create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere here.

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