The 7 Biggest Outdoor Trends for 2022

August 12, 20220

The 7 best outdoor trends in 2022

During the time when everyone is isolated due to the global pandemic. The back houses of the family are taking advantage of the time to relax courageously. According to a study by the International Conventional Furniture Association, it was found that more than 80% of Americans want their garden to have more concrete outdoor dining tables or modern concrete outdoor tables and chairs. Therefore, outdoor trends are also growing and popular with many people. If you own a large enough garden, let’s take a look at Q-Furniture‘s impressive concrete table and chair designs and layouts that are hot trends in 2022.

1. The Multi-Zone Outdoor Trends 

The growing outdoor trend along with limitless human creativity will create multi-zone living spaces just as you want them to be. More specifically, that means you can turn your backyard into many of the same multi-use spaces as in the house. The walls and roof will be removed, replaced by environmentally friendly concrete furniture, and a space that is airy and pleasant.

The Multi-Zone Outdoor Trends 

When Planning Your Multi-Use Outdoor Space, Take Into Consideration

The first note when arranging modern concrete outdoor furniture to turn your space into an outdoor trend is to pay attention to the essentials. These important elements include: function, circulation and aspect. These factors contribute to helping you divide and arrange concrete outdoor furniture according to the function required by the area. Besides, spend a lot of time studying the direction of light and wind, as well as where to place the doors to your garden for the most reasonable and convenient way. For homes that need to be aesthetically pleasing, refer to Pinterest or Instagram to complete the outdoor garden trend in the most impressive way.

How To Create A Lounge Zone For Relaxing And Entertaining

Welcome guests to your home with coffee parties on meticulously designed coffee concrete tables. Every family gathering always needs a small space to ensure living and relaxing in the best way. Adding a round concrete outdoor dining table will create new and comfortable experiences for everyone in the family. It would be great to enjoy afternoon tea with friends on a cool concrete table and chairs and watch the sunset together.

How To Create A Distinct Dining Zone That Harmonises With Your Lounge Zone

The durable and high-temperature resistant nature of concrete outdoor furniture sets will surely make you satisfied. The outdoor trend requires a combination of open space with all the functions that an indoor room can achieve. With timeless designs and aesthetics, Q-Furniture offers concrete furniture and durable designs that meet international standards.

How To Create A Trans-Seasonal Bar Zone That Complements Your Lounge And Dining Zones

The bar area is ideal for intimate gatherings. The long concrete tables combined with the concrete chairs will create a wild and impressive scene. With the width of the long concrete table purposefully designed, the conversations will be more intimate and close.

2. The Multi-Purpose Furniture Outdoor Trends

The outdoor trend requires modern concrete tables and chairs to be compact and flexible. Come up with ideas and let Q-Furniture work with you to create concrete chairs that can be turned into tables, or round concrete dining tables that can be easily moved to any space in the house. A concrete flower vase design that is used as a decoration and functions to grow coriander is also a new idea for your outdoor space.

The Multi-Purpose Outdoor Furniture Trend 

3. The Outdoor Fireplace Trend 

There is nothing better than spending time with family or friends outside while gathered around a fire. These outdoor trends are what a wonderful ambiance, captivating light, and a cozy, pleasant mood. Here are a few possibilities:

The Outdoor Fireplace Trend

Fire Pits 

It’s not unusual for fire pits to become popular in outdoor trend designs. This is also an item to divide the kitchen space arranged with round concrete picnic tables with an interesting bar area. More specifically, a concrete fire pit design will definitely be an ideal heating place for your family to gather together at the end of the year. Although you won’t need to refill your fire pit. If you have a natural gas connection, ethanol and propane fire pits don’t need hard utility connections. So they can be moved more simply.

Fire Tables 

Your dining and entertainment needs will be met when installing a fire table with a smart exhaust system. In outdoor settings, fire tables have two purposes: they serve as a portable source of heat and can hold drinks and small meals. The combination with modern concrete outdoor furniture will help your space utility and achieve an absolute level of relaxation.

Outdoor Fireplaces 

Working with a designer, architect, or builder to develop a custom fireplace that fits your outside space and demands is an option if you choose to install a permanent, built-in outdoor fireplace. Besides, arrange more concrete top outdoor dining tables to turn this heating area into a warm meeting and dining place on special occasions.

4. The Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Trend 

The Q-Furniture aims to not only bring beautiful design but also be suitable and environmentally friendly. Specifically, the tables or decorations for the outdoor trend of Q-Furniture are made from concrete. This material is durable and resistant to external influences. So they can last for a long time.

The Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Trend 

5. The Front Porch/Garden Trend 

A practical front yard is being created by a new outdoor living concept that integrated porches, verandas, and courtyards. You may increase your total outdoor living space. Which can improve your lifestyle and your home’s market value, by making your front outdoor trend space as welcoming and functional as your backyard space. Most of the front yard is usually used as a car park, so the space becomes smaller. So arrange extra long concrete benches as a place to rest and enrich your front yard.

The Front Porch/Garden Trend 

6. The Edible Gardens Trend 

Take advantage of the super wide concrete flower beds to grow vegetables or fruits that quickly bear fruit. After a while, your garden will be very fruitful. To make it more impressive, it is also not a bad idea to arrange more concrete garden furniture to relax and enjoy the results. The trendy planters are available in three different sizes and natural colors. They may be filled with a variety of herbs, grouped together or lined up to divide up space on your patio, or placed next to your dining or bar areas to put herbs within easy reach.

The Edible Gardens Trend 

7. The ‘year-Round Yard’ Trend 

The outdoor trends are also used by many families to decorate their yards. With the need to use outdoor space all year round, outdoor furniture sets are designed by Q-Furniture to be flexible to move and use, giving you the highest experience. Above all, the solidity of concrete furniture sets will definitely always be the best choice for transformative outdoor spaces.

The ‘year-Round Yard' Trend 

Don’t forget to regularly monitor and update the interior designs distributed by Q-Furniture to make your home look fresher and more impressive.

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