Outdoor Concrete Countertops – Questions Frequently Asked

August 14, 20220

Answers to 5 Questions concerning Outdoor Concrete Countertops

The garden party on the outdoor concrete countertops is gradually becoming popular as requests to restaurants and eateries are limited. Writers who are outside such as the COVID-19 pandemic, tight budgets, or even people who want to experience more of the home atmosphere are also a reason for them to stay at home more. Especially the barbecue on modern concrete outdoor furniture in degrees and high temperature helps you not to have to prepare too many kitchen tools.

Are concrete countertops good for the outdoors?

If it is not concrete, it is difficult for concrete outdoor furniture to be as durable and easy to move as they are. In actuality, the glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) mixture used for concrete countertops is stronger than the one used for sidewalks. The concrete mixture contains glass fibers. And other high-tech components that make it lighter, stronger, and more attractive than regular concrete. 

Outdoor concrete countertops are the best choice from Q-Furniture if you want to arrange an outdoor kitchen space in your garden. Because it can easily be made into any shape you want and achieves very high durability against other external agents.

Are concrete countertops good for outdoors?

How thick should countertops made of concrete be outside?

The thickness of typical countertops is 1.5 inches. With GFRC in particular, they may be made thinner. The more persistent a countertop is, the more difficult it might be to transport and install. 

However, for modern concrete outdoor furniture, you can also design them to be thicker than the norm to achieve the aesthetic you want. For the long concrete tables used for barbecues. Their thickness can withstand high temperatures. So that you can completely remove the pot liners.

How thick should outdoor concrete countertops be?

Do I need to seal outdoor concrete countertops?

A sealant will help the concrete’s surface keep its aesthetic appeal and guard against dings. Q-Furniture is already sealed. However, you should reseal them every few years. Additionally, a sealer guards color against UV deterioration, which is very important for outdoor use. Note for cleaning outdoor concrete tables, you should use sponges to scrub gently to avoid scratching the smooth finish of the polish.

Can I make my own concrete countertops for the outdoors?

Social media videos suggest a lot in this regard. However, to ensure the safety of your family, you should contact us via Linkedin or Instagram for advice on the best solutions.

Can I pour my own outdoor concrete countertops?

Which countertop is ideal for outdoor use?

Outdoor concrete countertops on the market are custom-built concrete countertops made with a unique outdoor concrete mix for concrete tables. The experts from Q-Furniture not only provide beautiful, suitable color designs and advice for your outdoor space but also construct and install these designs yourself. Therefore, customers can confidently choose and use our services instead of first experiences.

What type of countertop is best for outdoors?

You might have questions regarding some of the intriguing circumstances that an outdoor kitchen brings. The best material for beautiful and long-lasting are modern outdoor concrete furniture.

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