The Idea Of An Open Space — Did You Get The Hang Of It?

August 1, 20220

A General Overview Of Open Space

Open space has long been a trend for many design representatives. As the need to use rooms not separated by partitions becomes less. Instead, people prioritize working and entertaining in a more open space. Since then, open designs have been born and are being applied by more and more people.

Recent Design Trends Suggest That Open Spaces Are Becoming More Popular

An open space creates favorable values ​​for travel as well as communication between members in the house. The term “open space” really means removing all boundaries in the house. This is faithfully and subtly portrayed by Q-Furniture in the designs of concrete furniture. Today, people often connect the living room with the dining room, the kitchen without any partition. Communication between family members becomes even more effective while cooking. The children are also cared for and given more attention while their parents are making the main meal. Moreover, the concrete indoor furniture helps to increase the space of your house. Everyone can still communicate with each other while ensuring their work performance.

Recent Design Trends Suggest That Open Spaces Are Becoming More Popular

Indoor Places Where Open Space Can Be Used

An “open” house does not mean that all rooms are connected. Therefore, between the bedrooms or bathrooms, there are still concrete designs to ensure privacy for each person’s separate spaces. The living room, dining room, or kitchen are ideal places to arrange open space to become a common living area. For the purpose of creating communication and connection between members in a group with each other. Therefore, most of the concrete decoration designs to create the connection between the rooms are one of the variations of the living room or kitchen space.

Indoor Places Where Open Space Can Be Used

How To Decorate An Open Space?

Because there are no separating walls, the division of open space is a bit difficult. Therefore, there is a pretty cool solution that is to place concrete furniture to divide the area according to the characteristics of that space. Instead of a wall separating the kitchen and living room space. Place a concrete table as a starting point between these two areas. The highlight for this area is a rug or an oval flower vase to announce the kitchen area for family meals. Lighting also aids in defining unique active areas of the room. For example, place a dining table in the room and support it with a table lamp or chandelier.

How To Decorate An Open Space?

Characteristics Of Open Space

 Open spaces are collective and make activities more cohesive. However, each space layout has its own strengths and weaknesses. Not any design or layout of the house can apply this open design. The placement of concrete decoration will inadvertently have the problems mentioned below.


  • Take advantage of the multi-dimensional design.
  • Open the space to feel larger and airier.
  • Make the best use of natural light for the house by removing the partitions.
  • Increase communication and exchange with family members.


  • If there is a connection between the living room and the kitchen, the smell of food will be the first concern.
  • Affects privacy under certain circumstances. Especially for families with children.
  • Open spaces are perfect for group events, but they make finding quiet places to read or work alone a problem. In short, they cannot provide absolute privacy in the home.

Characteristics Of Open SpaceTypically, these unwalled structures will rely on metal or laminated concrete blocks for protection. It’s not cheap to install them. However, let Q-Furniture optimize these problems for customers. Please contact us for advice on design and construction solutions with the best quality and reasonable cost by Pinterest or LinkedIn


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