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August 19, 20220

Nhat Quang Phat Only Member Company Limited (Nhat Quang Phat CO., LTD) was founded as a group of imaginative and enthusiastic architects and interior designers, along with a group of highly qualified and experienced construction workers working under the tight supervision of the architects. Managers and engineers will provide every family and every business with a comfortable living environment. Additionally, Nhat Quang Phat constantly places a high premium on building a team of highly qualified interior designers and architects who are imaginative in their designs and reasonable in their reasoning.

Nhat Quang Phat One Member Company Limited

  • Short name NHAT QUANG PHAT CO., LTD
  • Tax code 3701770732
  • Address Plot No. 946, Map Sheet No. 10, Ba Tri Quarter, Tan Hiep Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
  • Representative: NGUYEN HUU QUANG
    In addition, NGUYEN HUU QUANG also represents businesses: VIETNAM FURNITURE JOINT STOCK COMPANY
  • Operating date: 2010-08-25
  • Managed by: Tan Uyen Area Tax Department
  • Type of enterprise Non-state limited liability company
  • Status Active (granted registration certificate)

About Nhat Quang Phat CO., LTD

Nhat Quang Phat Company is located in Phuoc Thai Quarter, Thai Hoa Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province. Known as a company specializing in designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture products made of solid concrete materials.

Nhat Quang Phat Furniture is exported to 4 key markets including the USA, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands.

With the main website Q-furniture.com, customers can contact us directly by phone number: 0274.3.626,642 or Fax: 0274.3.626,643 for the fastest advice and order.

About Nhat Quang Phat Company

Q-Furniture is The Brand of Nhat Quang Phat CO., LTD

Q-Furniture is the representative brand of Nhat Quang Phat Only Member Company Limited. However, the company’s motto is to satisfy customers with impressive designs and exquisite products, professional service, and quality. Therefore, products and services of Q-Furniture manufacturers are trusted and chosen by more and more customers

We specialize in providing furniture products made from concrete. Include 4 main categories:

Concrete Furniture – Nhat Quang Phat

Concrete furniture at Q-Furniture is finished from high-quality raw materials, of which concrete is the highest. The arrangement of concrete furniture such as concrete tables, concrete chairs, or concrete sinks will help your home become new and more stylish. Besides, the main colors of concrete are usually gray, white gray, and silver gray. We are color neutral, the feature of these colors is that they blend easily with other applications created, an overall harmony for the display space.

concrete furnitures
Concrete Furniture

Concrete Decorations

Small accessories used in decorating a house or a concrete garden will bring new breezes into the house. Nhat Quang Phat (Q-Furniture) always wishes to become a company that anticipates new trends in the future. Compared with other decorative materials such as glass or plastic, decorative concrete is durable and has a simpler but more sophisticated beauty.

Nhat Quang Phat' concrete decorations
Concrete Decorations

Concrete Planters – Nhat Quang Phat (Q-Furniture)

Concrete planters have a simple and lovely quality. These monolithic concrete plants have a rustic beauty due to the presence of fresh, delicate plants inside them. In addition, our adaptability increases our attractiveness because these plants may be placed wherever to add blue to your environment, including office desks, windows, kitchens, and bathrooms.

concrete planers at Nhat Quang Phat
Concrete Planters

Concrete Basins

Concrete basins and sinks that have been exquisitely handcrafted. In terms of finishes and combinations, Q-Furniture’s sink line has been created to capitalize on the special aesthetic attributes of concrete. We have a frame to fit any area thanks to numerous changes in size, color, and style. We have improved our concrete to produce a variety of colors and textures using recycled sand and carefully chosen aggregates, pigments, and additives.

Nhat Quang Phat concrete basin
Concrete Basins

Concrete & Wood Furniture Collection

With the desire to develop more about the market and more suitable to the tastes of users. Currently, we have expanded the production of products that are combined wood and concrete. This is a combination of the solidity of concrete and the sophistication of wood. This has made a difference in my minimalist design.

Concrete & Wood Furniture Collection
Concrete & Wood Furniture Collection

Action Guidelines – Nhat Quang Phat

With the aim of further ensuring the trust of customers and the public in general, Nhat Quang Phat Factory (Q-furniture concrete factory) always sets standard rules for the company’s development goals, including:

  • We respect all personal and human rights of our colleagues in the workplace.
  • We strictly adhere to the highest standards and procedures, making it a top priority to provide products and services with the safety that our customers expect. In the plant, OEM/ODM services are used to ensure that our products are up to par. In order to mass produce the desired number of things for the client, we also use nanotechnologies. 
  • We believe that the purpose of a company is the constant concern of creating value. We will always strive to maximize socially acceptable corporate values ​​by delivering long-term benefits to our shareholders and society.
  • We will strive to protect the environment, with the belief that the Earth belongs to mankind. We are always interested in minimizing the impact on nature and optimizing the use of energy in production.

In addition, because of the low cost of labor, low tariff rate, and stable political climate in Vietnam, the world’s fifth-largest exporter of furniture, we make use of these favorable chances while making sure to provide fair prices.

The special feature that makes Nhat Quang Phat‘s concrete furniture so trusted by everyone is that it has been tested, checked, and certified by the world’s leading, SGS, which has issued a seal of approval for the furniture. our concrete furniture. the investigation goes through various test steps, such as resistance to frost, temperature shock, and water leakage. The outstanding quality of the finished product is proudly guaranteed.

Human Resources

Furniture of worldwide quality has been designed by Nhat Quang Phat (Q-furniture) in its manufacturing by a group of highly qualified professionals. In order to provide clients with the most sincere and long-lasting values, the designs created by our human resources are consistently trained and put through stringent quality checks before being chosen.

Human Resources

Nhat Quang Phat’s (Q-Funiture’s) Strengths

At our plant, Nhat Quang Phat (Q-Furniture) offers vast and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, including those for the design, production, and full assembly of high-end concrete furniture products. For the needs of the projects and the demands of the customers, Q-furniture in Vietnam has the ability to completely customize its basic product range. Our strengths are quick delivery timeframes and lean production techniques.

Benefits of Cooperation With Q-Furniture 

Q-Furniture continually develops and incorporates contemporary technology features into its products in the hopes of advancing corporate clients, enhancing collaboration chances, and developing markets. The Nhat Quang Phat CO., LTD‘s main goal is to introduce customers to the most cutting-edge and high-quality concrete furniture products.

Benefits of cooperation with Q-Furniture 

If you want to know more about concrete furniture, you can visit our products or connect with us via Linkedin to receive catalogs and quotes for products.



Q-Furniture – Sun In Your House

Address: Lot 946, Map No. 10, Ba Tri Quarter, Tan Hiep Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Hotline: (+84) 908 759 399

Email: info@q-furniture.com

Website: https://q-furniture.com 

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