Nature Mixed With The Architectural Style

August 4, 20220

Experiencing many fluctuations of the pandemic. The need to renew living space towards minimalist style, a relaxing experience close to nature, and home comfort has created a lot of changes in styles and trends of materials and furniture to keep up with the new normal. So what happens when nature combines with modern technology to create a minimalist style? Q-Furniture invites readers to find out the answer and consider the following outstanding concrete design trends.

Nature Reappears in Every Design

People are increasingly gravitating toward the most natural things. And this has been and will continue to be a trend in the selection of creative materials in the near future. Designers of interior materials create products that are multi-functional and bring nature into living spaces, like concrete furniture. 2022 will be full of surprises for homeowners, architects, and interior designers due to design innovations and breakthroughs.

Nature reappears in every design

People tend to decorate their interiors with concrete elements such as concrete walls, side tables, and concrete planters to make their homes more in tune with nature.

Minimalist Style Combines Comfort Technology

As people spend more time at home, the need to free up space for daily activities grows, fueling the popularity of the minimalist style. The interior will feature softer rounded lines, a focus on user needs, and a multifunctional design to provide comfort. Furthermore, cement effect tiles in warm neutral tones such as brown, cream, and beige… It will work well in minimalist spaces with small and medium areas or connecting open spaces.

Minimalist style combines comfort technology

Along with this trend, the innovative home model is thriving, combining minimalism and technological solutions to provide a comfortable and comfortable living space. Ensuring the best quality of life for everyone—family members.

The following technologies are commonly found in bathroom equipment: anti-slip, antibacterial porcelain enamel, smart flushing, opening and closing sensor, automatic washing, heating toilet lid,  generator, and light therapy. As well as music connected to smartphones. This allows users to customize the function as they see fit.

Minimalist style combines comfort technology 3

In 2022, the popularity of Hypertouch fingerprint technology on tile surfaces, which can be used to control air conditioning, lighting, audio, and video systems, as well as window and door systems, will skyrocket. enter. This technology also helps to save space by concealing power lines and switches. Allowing the delicate and luxurious beauty to stand out.

Super – Large Format Bricks Connect To Create A Transparent Space

The appearance of Maxine’s super large format tiles completely alters the interior design landscape. With dimensions of up to 320 x 160 x 0.6 cm and a spectacular seamless pattern design. Max fine tiles are more than just decorative paving materials for many surfaces; they will become artistic masterpieces for space. living. Maxine tiles, especially in large commercial areas with light penetration, will set new aesthetic standards, elevate luxury, and satisfy all eyes.

Super-large format bricks connect to create a transparent space

Spaces Are Becoming More and More Personalized

Personalization is expected to enter a new era in 2022. The Design Your Slabs (DYS) technology was born, ushering in a revolution in the interior design world by allowing homeowners to unleash their creativity and stylize patterns on tiles as they see fit. As a result, ideas will be realistically simulated on each large format or max fine brick using high-yield metallic ink. Resulting in sharp and seamless visual effects.

Spaces are becoming more and more personalized

In 2022, nature will merge with technology; visit Q-Furniture to purchase concrete furniture that will contribute to creating a minimalist style.

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