Why Should You Choose Manufacture Furniture in Vietnam?

June 22, 20220

The COVID-19 pandemic provides Vietnam a great opportunity for trade cooperation and developing bilateral and global economy. In 2021, Vietnam recently surpassed China to rank first as the furniture exporter into the USA and is also the fourth largest furniture supplier to Canada. If you are looking for furniture manufacturers overseas, it might be time to consider manufacture furniture in Vietnam as part of your strategy. 

Overview Manufacture Furniture in Vietnam

In Vietnam, furniture is an industry with a long-spanning history of manufacturing and distributing. In 2020, Vietnam exported 7.4 billion USD of furniture to the USA while China exported 7.33 billion USD to the same market. Also, Vietnam surpassed China to rank first as the furniture exporter to the USA. 

That shows how the furniture industry in Vietnam has developed over the years and how abundant its potential is. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the major markets with an increasingly high furniture demand, due to the fact that the real estate industry has been booming in recent years.

In spite of its potential, the domestic furniture market is still neglected. Most of the domestic furniture market is taken over by imported items from China, Thailand and Malaysia. While the domestic furniture industry only accounts for about one-third of the export turnover in Vietnam.

Overview furniture factories in Vietnam

Advantages of manufacture furniture in Vietnam

Here are some advantages of manufacturing furniture in Vietnam:

  • Craftsman cultural heritage: Vietnam has a strong and enviable history of handcrafted products. Due to the rising demand for furniture products from Vietnam, many furniture factories in Vietnam are rapidly developing the industry to global levels.
  • Skilled labor is abundant: Vietnam is an Asian country with strong international integration and a young abundant workforce. Skilled labor is abundant, which means Vietnam has lower cost labor than other countries.
  • Political stability: Furniture factories in Vietnam can fulfill orders for more sophisticated designs without increasing in cost. Not only the cost and skilled labor, the country’s political and social stability also offer a great environment for your factory to grow in the long term. 
  • Factory Overhead is low: That means the furniture factories in Vietnam use their resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Good geographic location in Asia: Convenient geographical location helps Vietnam to become a major furniture manufacturing center.

Advantages of manufacture furniture in Vietnam

Q-Furniture can be your trusted partner in Vietnam

If you are looking for furniture factories, choosing a Asian country like Vietnam for low-cost manufacture furniture in Vietnam is the perfect option. But also, it is imperative for you to find a reliable local partner in Vietnam that can help you directly in considering furniture manufacturing.  

Q-furniture is a Vietnam-based industrial manufacturer and direct exporter with 11 years of experience in indoor and outdoor concrete furniture. With our high skill workers, we are proud to be known for our low price and creating the most remarkable products.

We specialize in ornamental concrete, dining tables, kitchen worktops, lavabo, washbasins, and bathtubs constructed of concrete or terrazzo. We gain customers’s trust for the great quality of our unique concrete furniture. Contact us to get more information about our concrete furniture products.

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