Large Concrete Pots For Sale: 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Like To Make DIY

April 25, 20220

Like many people, I wish to experience a sense of achievement although it’s not a great experience. The truth is, people are always ready to seek out the unfamiliar and try new things because they want to have fun and avoid being lame. I totally agree as I’m a person who has plenty of hobbies including making DIY. One day, I decided to make a DIY Large Concrete Pot after I saw Large Concrete Pots For Sale.

large concrete pots for sale

My parents have a medium-size garden, there’s nothing except two coconut trees and a mango tree with a set of a handmade wooden table and four chairs. So, I thought that having some square pots to grow plants is not a bad point. Then I started working hard by following specific steps on the Internet and … the result was fine. It’s not really great but I appreciate my achievement. However, I don’t make Big Concrete Pots anymore. Do you know WHY? Let’s figure out the  3 reasons.

Buying Wrong Concrete Mix – Large Concrete Pots For Sale

Oh my god, I just thought of going outside then chose a builders’ merchant and asked for a bag of concrete mix. In the end, I saw lots of holes although I was tapping around for a long time. One more thing, I saw some hairline cracks alongside the pot then my Dad said we poured a little much water in the mix. This is due to the fact that typical concrete contains gravel. The entire design and function of your DIY planters will be influenced by these larger stones.

So you see, to avoid any holes and cracks, you have to pick the right materials and measure water correctly. Now, there’s plenty of information on the Internet,  find it from many sources and be careful to read. Hope you can avoid my mistake.

Ideal Molds Are Hard To Find

When you choose molds for the pot, you must want the special ones, right? But when you do DIY, there is not plenty to choose from. I only could get the square noodle cardboards because they are available. If you don’t have any skills like me, I think it’s okay to generate simple pots with some simple shape items obtainable around us such as plastic buckets, styrofoam, or cardboard as I was using. But It’s great if there’s something that can customize your creation, huh? Then have a look at Q-Furniture where the OEM service is served to customize your invention.

large concrete pots for sale

I didn’t make a drainage hole

Any form of potted plants, especially houseplants, will benefit from a drainage hole. Actually, for small planters, you may not see a drainage hole, and one of the main reasons many plant owners destroy their plants is a lack of drainage. If you have some small pots without any drainage holes then you should grab a drill to make it and help your plants grow better. Remember if you are not so sure how to make it, google is a great source to learn.

In my case, it’s the large pot, then the wall is so thick. But don’t worry, you can use a drill to make a hole in a bigger one, too. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a drill, I even found one in the neighborhood but there wasn’t any drill honestly (I was born in a remote area, It’s totally different from the city).

I just tell you about my experience of making large concrete pots. Hope next time when you make a Large DIY Concrete Pot, you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

In addition, if you don’t have time and sources to do DIY and look for Concrete Manufacturer In Vietnam the Q-Furniture is highly recommended to you. That’s a place that not only offers you many choices of Large Concrete Pots For Sale but also provides OEM/ODM services to reach your satisfaction. Simply Contact us to get one of the best services and products in the world ever.

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