How To Take Care Of Outdoor Concrete Furniture

May 25, 20220

Learn How To Care for Outdoor Concrete Furniture is necessary. Although Concrete Furniture has durability, it also needs exact care so it can be long-lasting.

outdoor concrete furniture

Staining can occur on concrete as it’s susceptible. When tables are made, a sealer is added to the concrete mix to protect them from scratches and minor stains. This sealant will make your concrete seem wonderful and natural for a variety of situations.

But when you use furniture, it’s impacted by being crashed, cleaned, wiped… then, the sealant’s constantly faded. Moreover, here’s Outdoor Concrete Furniture, it’s also affected by harsh weather such as hot, humid, frosty, rainy,…

That’s why I’d like to show you a few tips to take care of your outdoor furniture.

Concrete Stains

Because concrete is a porous material, liquid substances that could stain it enter into the holes rather than on the surface. The placement of outdoor concrete furniture in a shaded, wet environment causes fungal stains. This type of atmosphere is ideal for fungi to thrive.

So, you need to remember that don’t place any pieces of furniture in a wet environment. Besides, if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain or moisture, you’ll want to be sure your furniture is protected. Maybe you can do the cleaning after the rain. Also, you can build a roof above to assist the furniture to avoid the heaviness. On the ground, it’s necessary to cut grass more often to avoid moisture.

Clean Concrete Furniture

If you have a concrete tabletop on your dining table or coffee table, you’ll find yourself washing it down on a frequent basis. In this case, avoid aggressive objects and cleaning products that contain solvents. Then, all you need is a damp rag or a soft sponge.

Moreover, MN Easy Clean Spray from Lithofin can be used to clean the more dirty subjects. This solution eliminates grease stains and strengthens the protective coating on your concrete furniture.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains

Apply the product directly or dilute it in five parts of water, depending on how deep the stain is. Then, using water, wash and wipe until the water is clear. Continue the method if the stain is not completely gone.

outdoor concrete furniture

Unfortunately, after many times repeating the process and it doesn’t work, don’t worry much. Because you’re using concrete material so if there are some stains on the top, make more ones renew the furniture. BUT, if it isn’t what you expect, Lithofin also has a product called LSEFIX which has the ability to remove even the most difficult stains.

How To Deal With Cracks

Hairline cracks can appear due to many reasons especially the moist atmosphere and harsh weather. This type of crack is kind of a headache as they’re small to solve. But don’t make it a concern, because Q-Furniture has a specific way to help, you’ll see the process in another article.

If large fractures annoy you, though, you can repair your concrete furniture. To fill in the crack, the best option is to use a quick-drying cement. When it dries, use sandpaper to scrub the surface carefully, then it can be similar to the beginning.


These tips are all about the ways to care for your Outdoor Concrete Furniture. Contact Q-Furniture to get more information about quality furniture in Vietnam.

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