An Overview of High-End Antiques Online Sourcing

November 22, 2022

Vintage brightens and elevates interiors—much like art, it is a fantastic medium for humanizing a house and layering in a personal viewpoint as well as a point of view on the larger history of design. This article will reveal to you some useful information on how to source vintage furniture.

Research Rare Items and Invest in Them

Never ignore websites such as eBay 

It might seem obvious when someone asks how to source vintage furniture, but it’s always shocking when someone spends hundreds of pounds on a brand-new piece of furniture that looks exactly like a duplicate of a vintage piece. Without a doubt, shop antiques online can lead to financial ruin. I sometimes make unintentional purchases of dolls’ house furniture because my attention to detail is a little hazy. You can, however, leave with some real bargains if you’re a little more observant than I was. Not one of my favorite three pieces in my apartment, which I got all from eBay, cost more than £100. (and the doll’s house furniture looks divine next to them).

Beware of imitations 

Avoid imitations at all costs. You must distinguish between what is high end antiques online or in-store and what is ‘in the manner of,’ ‘attributed to,’ or just a replica.” The price difference between the original and the replica is significant, so you should be aware of this. Determine the location of any maker’s markings, tags, labels, or signatures. Inquire with vendors about the origins of the objects. I usually attempt to learn as much as I can about the history of a piece before purchasing it.

Beware of imitations 

How to Evaluate Quality When Buying Antiques & International Goods Online

This is maybe the most difficult aspect of source furniture. Is the price justified? Will it look well in my house? Is it of high quality? Shop antiques online may be difficult as well because you do not get to handle the goods before purchasing and must rely on gut sense. I’m not an experienced art dealer or antique finder, but some research has provided me with some guidelines for making selections. Here are my internet shopping steps how to source vintage furniture:

Check the pricing to see if it is correct.

Cross-referencing may be the simplest thing to do first. Looking at Senufo stools from Africa? A short Google search will yield hundreds of shops offering them. If the one you’re looking at is within a fair price range, the pricing is probably correct. I shop on three major websites: eBay, Chairish, and 1stDibs. Yes, I’m looking for a decent bargain, therefore I’ll narrow down my top three selections that are within a reasonable price range for all vendors.

Consult Reviews.

The benefit of sites like Etsy is that customers leave feedback on their purchases. I seek for terms like “just as pictured,” “well-made,” and “exactly as I saw in XYZ.” It’s simple to tell whether a seller on Etsy is selling good antiques or global products. For more review about how to source vintage furniture, you can consult Q-Furniture with useful news.

Consult Reviews.

Ask the challenging questions you would in person.

We’ve been purchasing our stools and rugs from three different Etsy stores, and I’m sure each seller is sick of hearing from me by now! When I see something I enjoy, I want to learn more about it. I inquire as to where they obtained it and whether there are any marks on the item that identify original designers or factories (essential for furniture legitimacy), among other things. These few inquiries might help you learn more about the item’s history. Of course, they couldn’t be telling me the truth to me, but I’m ready to accept their word for it.

You shouldn’t worry if you have any doubts about your knowledge. 

Nobody expects you to know anything about furniture. Besides, learning is half the joy. I adore shows like Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard, which is a wonderful way to train your eye and get some core information before embarking on your shopping expedition.

Purchase vintage publications and design reference books

Recently, I began purchasing past issues of World of Interiors, House & Garden, and Architectural Digest. If you see a house that was featured 40 years ago and the style still appeals to you, you’ll know which parts are worth investing in. It can also help you predict how trends will age.

Purchase vintage publications and design reference books

Learn as much as you can about the product, especially expensive items.

I spent three months searching for Thonet No.14 Bistro chairs from one of Europe’s commissioned manufacturers. It was a wild and chaotic pursuit — more of an obsession that helped me establish a furniture education process. I spent hours researching the designer Michael Thonet, the factory he used to manufacture the chairs, and what should be on the chair to verify whether it was genuine. These little factors assisted me in determining whether or not a seller’s goods were genuine. I’d consider studying the things you’re interested in, especially if they’re a larger investment.

Do not feel obligated to follow trends. 

I adore high end antiques online and I am a huge admirer of them. However, when it comes to furniture, we must all be practical about how much we require in our life. It’s not like purchasing a vintage shirt that can be hidden between two others. It will occupy space and make itself known. You want peace in your home, no problems. To help me see the forest for the trees, I constantly capture the things I enjoy (either by screen-shotting or taking images) and return to them in the future weeks. If you still want how to source vintage furniture after a few months, go ahead and get it!

Check the condition and assess the cost of refurbishing

Gently worn products will naturally exhibit some wear and surface scratches, but small faults may be repaired. However, consider the cost of a comprehensive restoration in terms of both money and the piece’s integrity. Before you commit to work that requires extensive restoration, consider the expenditures involved. Compare it to the item’s price to evaluate if it’s worth the investment before you buy.

Be prepared to wake up very early

International Antiques & Collectors Fairs are held all throughout the country and are a swarm of activity. If you understand how to source vintage furniture and believe you got up early to get there, someone else will have gotten up earlier and traveled farther. Apart from that, they’re a lot of fun, but remember to bring a tape measure and a list of what you truly need. Moving that gorgeous chest of drawers into your room and never closing the door again is simply not worth the danger.

Be prepared to wake up very early-how to source vintage furniture

Even if they don’t fit your aesthetic or price range, keep an eye out for antique dealers

Their fashion sense and abundance of information of how to source vintage furniture are crucial. I’ve fallen in love with several pieces that I have no hope of ever being able to afford, but they spark an idea and provide me with a mental image that I can maintain till I discover something similar. For example, a Frits Henningsen couch that Get The Gusto introduced me to a long time ago, I could never afford it, but it did help me realise what I like in a sofa or I can move to source office furniture Calgary (link)

Rely on your intuition

When dealing with high end antiques online or in store, follow your instincts in every way. Allow your heart to lead you through the process. You will know when a work calls to you. Buy what you want after understanding how to source vintage furniture. Trends come and go, and because of social media, we might get swamped with fads. I buy what calls to me, which may be a $5 piece of pottery or an auction picture. For me, the origin of an object isn’t necessarily as essential as if it has a soul.

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