What is Laminate – How to Paint Laminate Furniture?

September 10, 2022

Regarding painting them to match the white trim on the rest of the house, there are numerous concerns. In order to provide all the information on how to paint laminate furniture, Q-Furniture is back. This is true for the majority of furniture, but nowadays laminate is used to create more and more affordable furniture. Painting can be challenging at times, and adhering to the paint can be even more challenging. But you can get the color and finish you want with the right tools and a few simple steps!

What is Laminate

Laminate furniture is made of a synthetic material, typically plastic, that is used to create a thin exterior layer on furniture or other surfaces and is frequently referred to as “fake wood.” In contrast to real, solid wood, laminate is made by layering and joining various materials.

4 Steps to Answers How to Paint Laminate Furniture

Step 1: Clean the Furniture

To make sure there is no dirt or debris on the furniture, use a wet cloth to thoroughly clean the surface of the item you are painting.

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Step 2: Sand the Laminate

Sweeping up and down the entire surface area, and the item with 220-grit sandpaper. Clean up the debris with a vacuum and a microfiber cloth.

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Step 3: Prime the Furniture

Apply the primer evenly to the piece’s surface using a high-quality paintbrush or fine finish roller. A quality bonding primer, such as our INSL-X® STIX® Primer or Fresh Start® High-Hiding All Purpose Primer, is advised. Allow to fully dry.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture in 2022? 4

Step 4: Paint the Furniture

Utilize a fine finish roller or a high-quality brush to evenly coat the furniture in Interior Paint. In order to achieve the desired level of smoothness for your finished piece, make sure to wait until the paint has completely dried before adding one or more coats.

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Always Prime Before Painting Laminate Furniture

The first thing you should be aware of is that paint won’t adhere to a laminate surface without adequate preparation. Some paints will simply bead up on the laminate’s surface. Other paints will apply unevenly and splotchy, and as soon as you try to paint a second coat, the first coat will start to peel off.

The good news is that painting over laminate furniture from Ikea or any other manufacturer only requires one coat of suitable primer!

Choosing the Right Primer for Your Laminate Furniture Project

It’s important to keep in mind the type of paint you’ll be using over the primer when selecting the appropriate primer for your project to paint furniture. I wanted to use the exact same latex paint that we used on the wall so that the back panel of my bookshelves would match the color of the wall behind the furniture. In order to achieve a long-lasting, smooth finish, latex paint, which is water-based, should be used in conjunction with the right primer.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture in 2022? 6

Zinsser Primer for Laminate Furniture

You needed a primer that would adhere to the laminate and take latex paint over it when choosing one for my laminate bookshelf project. It investigated all three of these Zinsser primer choices to see which would be most appropriate for the task:

  • The shellac-based Zinsser BIN Primer adheres to all surfaces, including laminate furniture, and doesn’t require sanding. This primer applies in a few thin, fluid coats. It dries very quickly and is compatible with any top coat, including latex paint made with water.
  • The Zinsser Bull’s Eye The 1-2-3 Primer is the primer of choice for most wall priming projects because it works well for a variety of tasks. However, similar to latex paint, 1-2-3 Primer is water-based, so without first sanding, it won’t adhere as well to laminate furniture. It is also advised to give laminate a longer cure time before painting it.
  • Zinsser Cover-Stain Primer- It is an oil-based primer. A primer that is oil-based offers excellent adhesion. I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t use latex paint over oil-based paint or primer as a general rule of thumb. But this Cover-Stain Primer is compatible with both water- and oil-based topcoats.

You should look into these three primer options for my bookshelves and decide on the BIN and Cover-Stain Primers because both would offer strong adhesion to the laminate surface. According to additional research, the oil-based Cover-Stain primer is significantly thicker and may need light sanding before painting the top coat to achieve a really smooth finish.

The Best Primer for Laminate Furniture

The shellac-based BIN Primer was chosen for my project because I’m all about keeping things simple. It offered the optimal balance of strong adhesion, rapid drying, and the capacity to paint latex over it without sanding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Painting Laminate Furniture

Regarding laminate furniture, there are a lot of uncertainties and worries. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding how to paint laminate furniture, which Q-Furniture will address.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture in 2022? 7

Does laminate furniture need to be sanded before painting?

Some people will advise you to sand laminate furniture before the best furniture paint for furniture. Sanding is intended to rough up the surface so that there is some grit for the paint to adhere to, but this won’t produce the best results.

Because laminate finishes are so thin, it’s easy to sand through to the engineered wood underneath. If you must sand, do it by hand carefully; do not use an electric sander. Even if you lightly sand the surface, you’ll still use a primer to make sure the paint will stick to it properly.

You can paint laminate furniture without sanding by using the Zinsser BIN Primer that Q-Furniture suggested above, saving you time and effort. Avoid adding to your workload!

Can laminate furniture be painted without priming or sanding?

If you use the appropriate kind of paint, you can paint laminate furniture without priming or sanding, just like with most rules. If you’re using chalk paint to decorate laminate furniture, you can omit the primer. Rust-Oleum Chalked, which has an ultra-matte finish and about 25 different color options, worked well for several furniture projects.

If you’re thinking about using chalk paint on laminate furniture, check out how I transformed a laminate printer stand into a chic bar cart using Rust-Oleum Chalked without sanding or priming. I also have advice for using chalk paint to decorate an Ikea dresser.

Can laminate furniture be stained?

It’s critical to comprehend how laminate furniture and wood veneer differ from one another. The finished laminate is synthetic and resembles plastic. It is impossible to stain laminate. As opposed to solid wood furniture, which is bonded to a less expensive surface, wood veneer furniture is made of a thin layer of real wood (like the MDF of particle board).

Wood veneer is workable because it contains a layer of actual wood that can be sanded and stained.

I’m creating a unique painting. How can I tell if the primer is necessary?

Q-Furniture frequently receives inquiries like this one, and it’s a great one. Your painting projects can be simplified and more successfully completed with primer. By enhancing topcoat adhesion, enhancing coverage, obstructing stains and odors, and other factors, primers facilitate painting. You can learn everything you need to know from my blog post titled When and Why to Prime Before Painting.

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