How To Paint A Bedroom Set – Special Tips For Beginners in 2023

August 25, 2023

Is your bedroom furniture feeling outdated? Or maybe you’re just getting ready for a change but buying a whole new bedroom set feels a bit expensive? I totally get it. In this post, learn how to paint a bedroom set that works for you and give it a whole new look or style! I will show you how to paint a wardrobe and paint a nightstand in easy steps.

Things You Need To Do And Prepare

Find Bedroom Furniture To Paint

Before we get into how to paint a bedroom set I will tell you the things that you will need to do and prepare before you start painting the bedroom. The great thing about bedroom furniture is that it can be low-cost and low-risk if you know where to look and shop. Here are my top 3 places to buy used bedroom furniture.

  • Second-hand Stores: I find midweek shopping during lunchtime to be the best way to find good stuff that will be lost over the weekend when people move or clean up.

Find Bedroom Furniture To Paint

  • Facebook Marketplace: You can find deals here, but the biggest tip I have for you is to search FULLY.

Find Bedroom Furniture To Paint

  • Garage Sales: I wish I had more time to hunt down garage sales. Usually furniture is sold at a super cheap price because they don’t want to have to drag it inside.

Find Bedroom Furniture To Paint

Supplies To Prepare To Paint A Bedroom Set:

  • Clorox or Lysol Wipes
  • Wood Filler
  • Medium (80) Grit Sand Paper or Sanding Block
  • Fine (120) Grit Sanding Block
  • Tack Cloth
  • Cleaning Cloth or Old T-shirt
  • Respirator or Mask
  • Newspaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Tarp or Drop Cloths for Your Floor
  • 1-Quart of Latex Primer
  • 1-Quart of Latex Paint
  • Paint Sprayer OR
  • Paint Roller, Brush, Tray + Liner
  • Hardware
  • Gold Gilding (Optional)
  • Rub n Buff (Optional)
  • Casters (Optional)

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly: 

Clean up the furniture thoroughly before knowing how to paint a bedroom set. Use a vacuum for this step on the closet’s frames (especially underneath) to remove cobwebs and random dust. From there, use Clorox wipes to clean all surfaces.

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

Remove all hardware and keep it in a sandwich bag. If the hardware is dirty or dusty, wash it with mild soap and warm water.

The next step is to get rid of the drawers so you can work individually.

Use newspaper, old wrapping paper, or furniture wrap to protect the inside of the drawers and edges so the paint doesn’t stick to them. Secure the newspaper with painter’s tape.

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

Carefully inspect the drawer fronts and top surfaces to see if you need to apply wood filler to any scratches, nicks, or holes. Cover with wood filler, allow to dry, and then lightly sand the surface.

Now, it’s sand time. Please protect your lungs and wear a mask or respirator when sanding and when using the paint sprayer.

Clean all sanding dust off your piece with an adhesive cloth and we’ll start on how to paint a bedroom set.

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Guide How To Paint A Bedroom Set For You

Now let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on how to paint furniture. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually a bunch of simple steps AND you’ll get the perfect finish.

Priming A Furniture Piece

Now is the right time to take the paint stick and gently stir the primer and paint. Do not shake the can to mix or stir the paint. This introduces air that we don’t want into our paint.

Pour some primer into your paint tray. Use your foam roller or paint sprayer to add a thin coat of primer to all surfaces you plan to paint. Using a paintbrush may be easier for tight corners or the inner edges of the drawer fronts.

Prime A Piece Of Furniture

Wait one hour and apply a second coat of primer. Allow to dry for an hour before proceeding to paint.

Before moving on to the first coat of paint, make sure you don’t have any drips from the primer. If so, use a fine grit sanding block followed by the tack cloth to make the surface smooth again. So we are done with the first step on how to paint a bedroom set. Simple isn’t it?

Painting Bedroom Furniture

Pour your paint into another paint liner tray. Use your foam roller or paint sprayer to add a thin coat of paint to your dresser and drawer fronts. Again, use a paintbrush when needed or when easier.

Painting Bedroom Furniture

I recommend rolling in one direction to avoid roller marks and keep a wet edge as you move across your piece with brush strokes or the roller to avoid brush marks.

Tip: Keep an eye out for any drips on the edges caused by excess paint coming off the roller.

You’ll want to do 2-3 light, thin coats to get full coverage and a durable finish. Wait two hours between coats (sometimes a little longer in humid or hot environments) to allow the paint to level and dry for a smooth finish.

Tip: Keep an eye out for any drips on edges caused by excess paint coming off the roller.

If your paint feels sticky or tacky at all, let it dry some more.

If you notice any drips after the coat has dried, lightly sand and use a tack cloth to wipe off dust before moving on to the next coat.

Double-check there aren’t any areas missing paint. Triple-check those forgotten areas such as the bottom and side edges as well as under the top lip and bottom edges of your furniture piece. I offer this tip that will make your paint perfect when learning about how to paint a bedroom set.

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Finishing Up

You can remove any painter’s tape and newspaper from your project. Remember to clean up your brushes, rollers, and/or paint sprayer so they’re ready to use for your next project. I like to wash my paintbrushes using warm water and some Dawn dish soap.

Finishing Up

Installing Hardware

Allow your furniture piece to dry and cure for 48-72 hours (or longer- I sometimes leave it for 4-5 days because of heat and humidity) before adding hardware, inserting the drawers, and putting anything on the top.

Installing Hardware

The Finished Product

Isn’t it so fun to see the power of paint? Now this vintage piece has a modern look and feels like new furniture that fits beautifully in my home.

The Finished Product

The above article, brought to you by Q-Furniture, shares ideas on how to paint a bedroom set. I hope that Q-Furniture sharing will help you understand how to paint a bedroom set and hope you have a good experience.

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