How To Layout Our Concrete Planters Following Feng Shui

March 6, 20220

Potted plants are always considered the most effective solution for families when they want to beautify as well as bring back an impressive green space. However, the arrangement of trees is not simply placed to the liking of the homeowner, moreover, finding a location for concrete planters also needs to be in accordance with feng shui. Let’s see with Q-Furniture to see how to match feng shui, how you should arrange the most appropriate and impressive tree. The decoration of indoor plants not only brings feng shui to your home but also helps you to decorate your home.

Concrete Planters In The Living Room


The atmosphere in the living room will be more friendly when you put some concrete planters in it. However, you should note that the living room is classified as earth, so you should choose the plants with the best shape and freshest flowers. The green trees belonging to the elements of wood, fire… are quite suitable for the living room. Simply because they symbolize the color of spring, give life, and help the family vitality to be more prosperous.

Of course, it would be unreasonable if we put beautiful concrete planters in a large size for a small living room, and if it is low or vice versa, it is not advisable to arrange a small potted plant in a large space that will make it become barren and lose its aesthetic appeal. It is best to find the plants that are suitable for the area of ​​​​the room to design the most suitable layout.

In addition, the homeowner should also pay attention to the color of the space such as the color of the wall, ceiling, or other items… Should choose and arrange plants with contrasting colors to increase harmony and create features. highlight the living room architecture.

Layout For Other Rooms


Potted plants, when placed in other rooms, should be avoided in the southwest, northeast, and middle of the room. The best and most suitable direction for green plants is close to the water and light source. Therefore, it is best to only arrange bonsai at a fixed angle on the desk, in a well-ventilated place that can receive light sources for easy growth and is suitable for your home’s climate.

Before placing the tree in the house, you should research carefully and then choose the most suitable place to arrange it, according to feng shui to bring the whole family the best and happiest things.

If you don’t like concrete planters, you can also refer to the small potted plants placed on the round concrete dining table or concrete top dining table to create accents for your table. Moreover, they also give your home a green and colorful living space of ornamental plants and flowers.

In addition, you can embellish your potted plants with home crafts such as painting icons, cartoons, or wall hangings. They not only help your wall look attractive but also allow you to be creative in decorating the potted plant!

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